You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be

Do you ever get that overwhelming sense of panic where it seems like everything is out of place? You feel worried that you’re on the wrong track with your life and the way things should be. Maybe you always thought you’d be married and it just hasn’t happened yet. Or you thought you’d be a VP by now. Or maybe you felt like your business would be making me more. Or you’d be skinnier.

I know the feeling. I lived most of my life in that panic-stricken state and let me tell you: it was torture. I constantly compared my path to everyone else’s and worried that if I made the “wrong” decision, I’d veer off my course and totally screw up my fate. If I declined an invitation to a dinner because I was exhausted, I was somehow interfering with my destiny and maybe I would have met the man of my dreams there. But because I stayed home, I was going to wind up single and miserable and lonely forever. It was exhausting.

Eventually I got to a place where I surrendered to this statement: “You are exactly where you need to be.” At first it was a little scary for a Type A girl like myself to be okay with giving up a little control. But I was quickly relieved to accept my place in life and realize that I couldn’t, or shouldn’t, control every aspect of it. Every single thing that was going on was a lesson for me to learn. Every single situation was an opportunity for me to grow. I wasn’t going to “mess up” my fate because I didn’t show up for a party. I wasn’t going to fail miserably in my business because I chose not to take a particular course.

The moment you can truly realize that life is completely beautiful; the good, the bad, the so-called mistakes and wrong turns, the moments of panic that morph into epiphanies; the sooner you will feel a sense of calm. The moment you surrender to the fact that The Universe always works in your favor and will never let you down, the sooner you will understand why you are exactly where you need to be.

Oh, and when all else fails? Breathe.


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  • Anonymous

    That is great advice. I too beat myself up over where I thought I should be and what I thought I should have accomplished. I was depressed every Sunday evening because I did not complete an unreasonably long To-Do list I had created for myself for the weekend. When I finally let go and concentrated on my many blessings, I was able to enjoy life more. Sometimes, I still fall into that trap, but articles like yours help steer me back to earth, which is not a bad place to be.

  • Anonymous

    Again, exactly what I needed today. I was struggling this morning on my commute to work. All the questions and doubts spinning in my mind, making me feel off path, overwhelmed, and fearful of where I have chosen to be. I need to let tomorrow worry about tomorrow.

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