Wishing vs. Wanting: Which One Are You Doing?


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Think about the last time you said, “I wish I had that!”

Now, think about the last time you said, “I want that!”

Which statement seems more powerful?

Wishing for things almost always comes from a place of desperation. When we wish for something, it’s as if we’re putting the power in someone else’s hands. Like when you were little and you used to wish upon a star. Wishing is helpless.

But when you want something, there is a need associated with it. And needs must be met. You’re most likely going do whatever it takes to go get it. When you want something badly enough, you’ll work for it.

So the next time you identify something you want more of in your life, don’t wish upon a star. Decide you WANT it, and then, most importantly, go make it happen.

Because a wish, or a want, is nothing without action.

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