Why You MUST Add Beauty and Elegance To Your Every Day

Bonjour dolls! (I’m practicing my French!)

The past few days I’ve been walking around in some sort of bliss-filled fog. That can’t-wipe-the-smile-off-your-face kind of mood where everything is wonderful and you find yourself grinning at complete strangers in the street. Before you start thinking I sprinkled Lithium on my ice cream (points for anyone who gets that Sex and the City reference), let me fill you in on something…

Like I told you ladies the other day, I finally booked my dream work/play trip to London and Paris. From the moment I got those tickets, I have been on Cloud 9. I’ve worked SO hard up to this point; planning, saving money, busting my butt working 2 jobs to make this happen. It wasn’t like I had a huge savings account that I could dip into to book a room at the Ritz and jet off in first class without a care in the world. Outside of my coaching and writing and everything else I do to support The Champagne Diet, I also work a full-time job that can be pretty demanding. I’m a hustler, baby. But I knew I wanted to head oversees to see my friends, my readers, and finally “take my show on the road” so to speak.

But prior to last week, this trip was still a fantasy. So I had to improvise. I had to find ways to add elegance and beauty into my life that didn’t involve traveling to foreign lands to sip champagne and eat croissants (but my GOD I can’t wait!) So what did I do? Here are a few ways I created my “Champagne Life” and made each day a little more effervescent:

  • – Bought myself fresh flowers
  • – Took myself out for a glass of champagne
  • – Went for a long walk by the water
  • – Took a luxurious lavender bubble bath with fresh rose petals while listening to French music
  • – Cooked a beautiful meal and ate by candlelight
  • – Sat in Bryant Park and watched the water fountain while thinking about everything that I’m thankful for

You get the idea. So no matter what your situation is now, I urge you to add a little more indulgence and elegance into your day. Maybe it’s not that glamorous vacation (yet!), but that’s okay. The more you make each day beautiful, the more you will position yourself to achieve those bigger dreams. The better you feel, the more inspired you will be to truly live YOUR “Champagne Life.”





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