When In Doubt, Be Glamorous

Growing up as a little girl, I idolized my grandmother. Her platinum blonde hair was always coiffed to perfection, her home was immaculate, with white eyelet bedding and dramatic drapes, and she loved her costume jewelry collection. When I think of my grandma (or Nanny, as we called her), I think of a glamorous, charming, confident goddess. The woman took everything she wanted with a smile and was loved by all.

Nanny has inspired me to tap into my own femininity throughout the years, always adding a pop of glamour to an outfit, seeing nothing wrong with wearing jewelry to the pool, and dressing up because EVERY day is worth dressing up. I mean, you never know who you’ll meet on the street, right? On a recent Miami trip, I brought a lot of my personal vintage jewelry collection, all inspired by my grandmother. In fact, I love vintage costume jewelry so much that I decided to curate an online boutique called Dagmar Rose Vintage, appropriately named after her. I styled every single outfit with unique pieces that make me feel beautiful. Whether I was going to dinner, lounging poolside, or spending a hot afternoon shopping at the mall (confession: I am so not a beach girl), I was sure to carefully style every look so that I felt my best. And it made all the difference in the world.

Here’s a peek at my afternoon shopping look. Comfy, but chic flats, vintage Chanel earrings, a bold floral top, and of course, dramatic sunnies…


Here’s some poolside glam for you (and can we all take a moment to appreciate that gorgeous man in the background as well!?)


One of my favorite pairs of vintage earrings. Total beach glam vibes. Don’t worry, I’m currently hunting down another pair to sell at Dagmar Rose.


The way we treat ourselves impacts every single area of our lives. For me, dressing up and feeling beautiful inspires me to do beautiful things for myself. On my last night in Miami, I was alone, but rather than stay in my hotel room, I took myself to the Four Seasons and enjoyed a breathtaking sunset dinner by myself. I dressed up, ordered the best champagne on the menu, and allowed myself to process my trip while enjoying a delicious and elegant meal. It was absolute perfection.


And you don’t need to be on vacation or in a gorgeous location to look and feel your best. I work from home, and I make sure I am very intentional about the way I dress each day. It’s easy to stay in pajamas or sweatpants, but that does nothing to raise my vibe or inspire me. I need to feel on when I’m creating content, working with clients, curating the Dagmar Rose collection, or writing my books. In order to channel my best self, I aim to wear beautiful, but comfortable attire, like this leopard Natori robe (check out their loungewear, it’s the best) over a pair of black leggings and a black tank. I even pick out at least one piece of jewelry to wear at home so I feel like I’m actually dressing up for the day.


Beyond my outfit, I make sure I spritz myself with perfume every day after my shower, even if nobody else is there to appreciate it. I am, and that’s enough! My go-to scent lately is Chanel Mademoiselle. It smells absolutely divine. I keep my Chanel Hydra Beauty mist on my desk and spritz my face throughout the day to keep a healthy glow. All of these little things really add up and help me feel fabulous.


Remember: Dress how you want to be addressed. Dress to make yourself happy. Dress to express to the world who you are.

Becoming the woman you want to be requires effort and intention. Show up for yourself in every way. You deserve it!

And never underestimate the power of a little glamour.


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