What Are You Available For in Your Life?

I discovered the power of mantras and affirmations when I first read The Secret about eight years ago. As a word lover, I was so excited to learn how to choose words with intention to literally design my life. Ever since, I have created mantras for myself almost daily to remind me that I am in control of how I want to feel, and I am in control the way I want to live my life. It sounds simple, but we really do choose our thoughts, which ultimately shape the direction of our lives.

Although my mantra practice is something I have been doing for years, the truth it, life creeps in and I’m only human. I get stressed out just like everyone else, my feelings get hurt, and I am sometimes overwhelmed with negative thoughts or emotions. However, rather than feeling like I’m failing at living my best life, I view those situations as opportunities to grow and teach. I now ask myself, how quickly can I flip this and turn it into a positive? How can I become self-aware and choose the lens to view this situation in a healthy light? How can I operate as my higher self?

Reminding myself that I am no longer available for people, thoughts, or situations that do not support my best self has been empowering to say the least. For example, if a person is creating a negative impact in my life by making me feel unimportant, overlooked, or unloved, I simply remove the power from their hands. I remind myself that I am choosing to let that person make me feel this way. Don’t get me wrong – this takes practice. And it doesn’t always come naturally. But eventually, if you remain conscious to your thoughts, it becomes much easier, and almost a little fun. Take your power back, baby! It’s addicting. Trust me.

I encourage you to create a mantra for yourself that declares what you are no longer available for. What is draining you? What is depleting your energy? What no longer feels good? Create your own, or use mine. You’ll be surprised at how powerful your words are once you say them out loud or write them down.

And if you want to take this a step further, be sure to grab my workbook, Style Your Mind. It’s packed with exercises and questions that will help you design your thoughts and build a beautiful life. Grab it here.

With love and mantras,


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  • Tiffany McGoff

    I only found you through the The Skinny Confidential 5 minutes ago and I’m obsessed. Thank you for inspiring me and knowing that I want MORE out of life, work, relationships is not only ok but needed. Your amazing. xoxo Tiffany

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