The Woman You Want To Be

Hi gorgeous!

It’s a brand new week and another chance to truly become The Woman You Want to Be (get ready for more of that title…hint hint!) Have you ever noticed that something incredible clicks when we decide to upgrade our lives and intentionally choose the woman we want to be? When we step into our power and give ourselves the things we deserve?

Something major shifts within us when we decide to upgrade our lives. Whether it’s moving into a new home, or something as simple as refreshing your wardrobe, there is power in your personal upgrade When you invite better things into your life, you immediately shift. Everything feels elevated. Abundance begins to flow to you. The way you treat yourself is a conversation with the universe.

What areas of your life can be upgraded?

Do you need to refresh your makeup? We all have that old pressed powder that is does nothing for us any longer except make us break out.

Does your home need to be redecorated to support your success? Do you need to clear the clutter off your desk so you can be more focused?

Do you need a few key wardrobe staples to make you feel more confident for your next meeting?

Do you need to clean out your pantry and get rid of those snacks that keep you feeling low energy?

What areas of your business can be upgraded?

Do you need a professional photo shoot?

Does your website need updating?

All of these questions and so much more can be found inside Style Your Mind for Success, my workbook for female entrepreneurs, available now on Amazon (click here to grab yours!)

This excerpt, in particular, is taken from the chapter titled THE WOMAN YOU WANT TO BE (my personal favorite). Give it a whirl and let me know how this book changes you!

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