The Power of September

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I love the fall. It’s my absolute favorite season, filled with fresh starts and a vibe you just don’t feel any other time of the year. The heaviness of the Summer begins to lift, and a lightness sweeps over the world (well, at least in the northern hemisphere!). Shorter days make me feel excited, almost as if there’s only so much time to get things done. A cool morning breeze energizes me like no other. And that morning light….that morning light!

I’ve always tried to pinpoint where my Fall obsession began. Perhaps its because I was a New York City kid who went to camp all summer. My mom worked and we grew up in an apartment, so I didn’t have the beach or my own pool to enjoy during summertime. We were on a school bus at 8 am with a bunch of strange kids and forced to do things like put on crappy talent shows and visit aquariums. So when September rolled around, I was thrilled to be back to school, to go shopping for new clothes and supplies, and get ready for the new year. I’d make promises to myself about how neat I’d keep my notebooks, how hard I’d study, and how creative I’d be. In fact, September has always felt more like my “New Year” than January. I can hear that crack of the canvas from a brand new binder just thinking about it.

That feeling has stayed with me through adulthood, and every time summer begins to wrap up I’m instantly invigorated. I begin plotting and planning the next few months, thinking of ways I can breathe new life into myself and my work. It is the ultimate epoch of reinvention for me.

There are a few rituals I do to prepare for the fall season, and I want to share them with you. Whether you’ve already had your first pumpkin spice latte and pulled out all your sweaters from the bins under the bed, or you’re sipping your last glass of rose on the beach savoring those last few seconds of summer, I guarantee these exercises will get you pumped for the “New Year.”

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Candle shopping. The first thing I do to get ready for autumn is make a bee-line to Bath and Body works and buy every single seasonal scent available. Seriously, my home smells like pumpkins and salted caramel lattes from mid-August on. While I do love super fancy candles, these just have such powerful aromas and truly transport me right into the space I want to be. Plus, they always have some sort of sale going on and you can stock up. I burn through these babies pretty quickly, so I buy in bulk!

High vibe/low vibe lists. Summer tends to suck the life right out of me. I loathe the lethargic feeling the heat and humidity brings, and its honestly really difficult to stay at a high vibration and feel connected and creative throughout these months. By August, I’m dying to get back to my best self and I love to make lists to remind myself of all the things that keep me feeling on point. I break out my new fall journal and make 2 lists: the first is my “high vibration” list, where I write out all the things that give me energy: walking through the city with my headphones on, a jam-packed schedule, connecting with people face-to-face, being on planes, working with clients, starting new projects, wearing outfits that make me feel amazing. Then, I make a “low vibration” list to remind myself of all the things that do not serve me: staying indoors too often, not having enough connection to people, lack of outdoor exercise, boring summer outfits (I mean, I’m just not myself without my moto jacket and layers!). I re-read my high vibe list and make sure I’m setting goals around all of those items that light me up.

New office supply shopping. Who says back to school shopping is just for the kids? I love to purchase new products for my home office to kick off September in style. A new journal always gets me inspired (and if you wanna splurge, you can snag a pre-loved Louis Vuitton one like mine right here), pretty pens, a glam new mug (H&M home has the best gold ones right now and they are so cheap), a bulletin board to pin up all your new ideas, etc.

Business revamp dream sheets. I love refreshing and rejuvenating aspects of my business in the fall. Whether it’s restyling my newsletter, or kicking off a new group coaching program (which I’ll be launching shortly, so please email me if you’d like to be on the priority list for that), I’m all about harnessing that revamp vibe this season. To begin this process, I design what I call “dream sheets,” which is basically just a fancy term for some 8×10 sheets of paper that I write on with my gold or black sharpie. I need to see things big and blown up to really make an impact. So I use these dream sheets to carve out how I want my business to look. Think about what’s really calling you. What have you been longing to try? There is really no right or wrong way to do this. Get creative. Include buzz words that are meaningful to you. Write down services you want to begin providing. Map out your ideal schedule. Whatever helps you upgrade your work to help it feel fresh and fabulous.

Closet clean up. This one goes without saying. I organize my closet every season, but fall is my favorite time for fashion so this month is especially exciting for me. It’s time to put away the sun dresses and tanks and break out the blazers, luxe layers, and sophisticated fabrics. Consider a capsule wardrobe if you’re looking to feel super organized and chic this season. I did a post about how I created mine a few weeks ago, check it out here.

Wellness check-in. I’m the first to admit that summertime throws a wrench in my wellness routine. I’m not in the mood to cook because it’s too hot to turn on the oven, so I wind up ordering take-out or eating quick meals that are not as nourishing as home-cooked dishes. I’m out more often because my workload is usually lighter, so I tend to drink and eat out a few nights a week. That all leaves me feeling sluggish and stagnant, the complete opposite of how I feel when I’m at my highest vibration. I use September as my reset button and refocus my overall wellness goals. This month is the perfect time to check in on your nutrition, your workouts, and your wellbeing. Consider trying some new clean eating recipes (Pinterest is my mecca for this), sign up for a new workout class, or begin working with a coach or mentor to help you get clear on your goals. Don’t forget to email me if you’d like to be notified about my upcoming group coaching workshop kicking off later this month.

Happy “New Year!”




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  • Kara O'Brien

    I totally feel this post Cara! Autumn (or Fall) is without doubt my favourite time of year too, and my only slight bug bear about it is that we don’t have Bath and Body Works here in the UK! I have just treated myself to a gorgeous new Kate Spade planner and cant wait to get scheduling/filling in my goals. I really love the idea of the higher/lower vibration lists so that will be one of the first things to go in there.

    Kara ❤️

    • caraalwill

      YES!! Enjoy the process! xoxoxo

  • Birgit

    I hear you! September is the new January! I was talking to my BFF this week about visualisation and how you always talk about vision boards.

    So a New September and a new resolution, my friend and I are having a vision board party the Cara way!!! No more excuses, but up to visualisation!

    Why I love fall so much? I got a birthday marathon coming up which ends with my Bday :)!

    xoxo, B

    • caraalwill

      Happy early birthday!! Enjoy your month! xoxoxo

  • Michelle

    We think alike! I felt and connected with this post 110%.
    Totally over the hot Miami summer and ready for some cool-ish weather for an excuse to whip out the chic boots, sweater dresses and jackets.
    That kind of apparel gets you (in general) in the zone! It’s funny how bikini-wearing isn’t sufficient reason to get back in shape… but Fall and the delicious flavors that come with it IS! 😉

    • caraalwill

      Totally with you!! Enjoy the season, Michelle! xo

  • Leanne

    I am right there with you on all these favorite things for our favorite season. Thanks for the PSL light version. I’m going to pick one up in a few hours to get me through the day after a night of no sleep.

  • Sara Palacios

    Totally with you, Cara! September is FOR SURE the new January. I always feel so invigorated once the crisp air moves in and the steamy summer days move out. I would love to hear more tips….thanks for always sharing!

  • Belinda

    I love this. I also love Autumn, there is just something about the colors and the smells that brings a new clarity and clearness in your head. I recently discovered your books after recommendations on Amazon and while reading them on much needed holiday, I was inspired and have come home with a new lease of life and creativity and using ideas. So thank you 🙂

  • Chelsea

    I love the idea of writing a High Vibe/Low Vibe list. That’s such a good idea and I think I may try that this year!

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