The Champagne Diet Takes Chicago! Event Recap

Back in January, I booked a segment on Good Day Chicago on how to overcome your fears to turn your New Year’s resolutions into reality. I was in town for less than 48 hours, we flew through a snow storm to get there (and yes, it was just as terrifying as it sounds), and it was -7 degrees the entire time. Yet despite the circumstances, I fell in love with Chicago.

I came back in March to do the show again and this time I loved it even more. I met so many wonderful people during both trips, that I even came back for my birthday in April! (when I love something, I love it hard). After realizing so many of my Champagne Girls lived in the Windy City, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate my Girl Code book launch with some fun events for all my ladies of Chitown. So last week, I strapped on my stilettos and blew through town yet again for a whirlwind trip meeting so many fans, readers, and fellow female entrepreneurs, and it was truly a blast.

First up on the agenda was a coffee date with Nicole of Cedar and Rush. We met up at Allis in the West Loop area and chatted all things Girl Code over some yummy cappuccinos. Nicole is a truly doll and I suggest checking out her blog and/or connecting with her if you’re local. We had a lovely morning that I capped off with some shopping and relaxing before my big weekend.

Then it was time to sparkle.


….when your book matches your outfit #SorryNotSorry
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On Friday night, we officially kicked off the party with a champagne happy hour at Nellcote, which despite a torrential rain storm, turned out absolutely perfect. Our original plans were to have our event in the patio of RM Champagne, but due to the weather it was impossible. Plus, we would have ruined the gorgeous blowouts Glowout salon treated us to beforehand! Can we talk about those for a second?

When Jenn Dieas (@Glowprah) found out I was going to be in town, she invited me in to her salon for a complimentary blowout in true Girl Code style. I invited my dear client and friend Brittnae of Bling Girl Fitness who flew into town just for these events (!!) and we had a fabulous time. From the moment we walked in, I immediately fell in love with the vibe of Glowout and Jenn and the stylists made everything that much better. Champagne, blowouts, and Buddhas? Yes, please!


These candles smelled divine


I already told Jenn I’m moving in. I’ve got dibs on that couch, so don’t even try it.

After we raised our glam vibration, we darted across the street to Nellcote, just missing the rain. The lounge area was not reserved by anyone else, so we ordered a couple of bottles of bubbles, decorated the tables with books, and waited for the ladies! Don’t you just love when things just flow like that? Thanks, Universe!


I was so blown away by how many women showed up to mix, mingle, and celebrate Girl Code. There’s nothing more exciting to me than the sound of champagne bottles popping and women connecting. Okay, maybe the sound of my waiter bringing me a cheese board. But that’s about it.


Leopard print was on the menu. And we were ordering it. Purchase my top here.

After Friday night wrapped up, it was time for our dream board party at Madame Zuzu’s teahouse in Highland Park. Billy so graciously offered his space for me to throw an event while I was in town, and it was the perfect backdrop for a night of inspiration, art, and creativity.

Upon arrival, we had some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted (seriously), and thumbed through a stack of goddess guidance cards. I mean really, could these not be more up my alley? #SpiritualGlamour


The teahouse (which is so charming, by the way, you really need to check it out) filled up fast and some more of my clients and readers showed up, some who also traveled from Michigan just like Brittnae. You ladies rock! I also got to meet some brand new women who were absolutely wonderful and ready to dive right in to our dream boarding…

image1 copy

All in all we had a fabulous evening and everyone left feeling relaxed and inspired.

Then it was time for my Sunday afternoon book signing at Standout Style boutique. Are you exhausted yet? Because I feel like I need a cup of coffee just writing this. Whirlwind weekend for sure. Tamika Price, who owns Standout Style, reached out to me on Instagram a few weeks before my trip to see if I’d ever be interested in collaborating on an event with her. As synergy would have it, I was already booked for Chicago so we picked a date and started planning!

From start to finish, the event was absolutely amazing. Bubbly was provided by Le Grand Courtage, and you can actually check out an interview with the owner, Tawnya, in Girl Code (page 109!), so that was a lovely touch. Custom Champagne Diet themed cookies were made by Deelishables, and they were truly “deelish.” Kim took the time out to create mini, edible version of my quotes and the book cover. Could you die?

I got to connect with so many of my readers, sign books, take photos, and we even had a little Q&A session where I got to answer questions from the women who came out. If you missed my Periscope, you can catch the replay here on my YouTube channel. Huge shout out to Tamika who opened her shop on a Sunday afternoon to host this event. I am so grateful!


Bubbly so graciously provided by Le Grand Courtage helped us kick off the afternoon in sparkling style!


not sure who this photo belongs to, but please let me know if its yours so I can credit you!

FullSizeRender copy

photo via @nikeyayoung

This time in Chicago just reinforced the fact that when women (and men, thanks Billy!) come together to support one another, amazing things happen. When we ask how we can help someone else, when we let go of the need to compete, and when we genuinely show up for each other, it leads to magic.

Thank you so much to everyone who showed up for me. I appreciate you all more than you know.

With love and bubbles,

To purchase Girl Code, click here.

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