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Ladies! Can you believe we’re just 4 weeks away from the release of my brand new book, Like She Owns the Place?! I really poured my heart and soul into this book. It is truly unlike anything I have ever written. I realized I was talking so much about chasing your dreams, supporting others, being unapologetic, and stepping into your power, but I hadn’t written a book that really digs in to how to get there. This is it. Consider it your Confidence Bible.


Here’s the official description:

From the woman who has built an empire of badass female entrepreneurs comes the long-awaited sequel to Girl Code.

Cara Alwill Leyba’s riveting voice and kinship with her audience drove the self-published success of Girl Code, a book that encouraged women to support each other in the business community. Now her many fans are ready to take the next step: building sustainable confidence from the ground up.

Most women who are insecure look for the equivalent of a sugar rush, such as telling themselves they’re better than other people or changing the way they look. But those tricks won’t protect them from losing confidence in the future. Neither will simply being outspoken and aggressive, if those traits aren’t authentic.

Leyba has three simple but provocative arguments. First, confidence doesn’t come from “winning” — it comes comes from ignoring the success narratives we absorb from magazines and movies. Second, the impressions people make on others depend on their personalities, not their looks–so there’s no reason to use the word “ugly,” ever. Finally, the foundation of confidence comes from “audacious auditing,” Leyba’s term for identifying toxic people and habits and getting rid of them.

Written in her chatty, older-sister voice, and full of revealing stories from every stage of Cara’s life, Like She Owns The Place will help readers rewire their minds to be more confident. Take it from the woman who quit her job at MTV, dyed her hair pink, and made herself a bestselling author — there’s a path becoming stronger and happier.

Like She Owns the Place will be in stores all everywhere on July 10, but you can preorder now, and stay tuned to all things podcast and social media as I share sneak peeks with you now through the big launch!
AND, if you’re in the U.S. and you pre-order (either the hardcover, Kindle version, or audio book), you’ll get this adorable little gift set including custom stickers and quote cards from the book. Check out a few of them below. I mean, could you die!? Click here to submit your pre-order details and grab these goodies.
Click here to claim these goodies! Again, this is open to the U.S. only (that part is beyond my control!) but I can promise you that wherever you are, this book will rock your world. I will be sharing exclusive sneak peeks and more quotes from the book as we get closer to launch, and may even be popping on for a Facebook Live and some very special podcast episodes, so stay tuned!
Thank you ladies for all of your ongoing support. I can’t wait to hear what you think about Like She Owns the Place!
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