Power Playlist: Mad About You


If you know me personally, or you follow me on Snap, then you know that I love music. I try to incorporate songs into my Snapchat stories that reflect my mood and bring energy to what I’m sharing. Music can conjure up so many feelings and take you down a nostalgic highway in just a few chords. I started a blog series about a month or so ago called Power Playlists where I share my current songs of the moment via Spotify (fair warning: none of these songs are of the actual moment, most are from the 80’s and 90’s). I wanted to show you guys the soundtrack of my day; what I listen to when I’m writing, answering emails, cleaning the house, or walking around New York City.

This month’s playlist has a strong 80’s vibe (shocker). You’ll see artists like The Bangles, Blondie, Tears for Fears, T’Pau, and Romeo Void. There is a really fresh, poppy, spring-like energy to these songs, and I just love blasting them with my windows wide open and my candles burning. They remind me of falling in love with boys, crushing hard on life, and dreaming. All the things Spring is about.

You can click here to access the playlist. Enjoy!




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  • Dawn Easter

    And just like that, I am hooked. The 80s rocked. Following you on Spotify in 3…2…1…

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