My Travel Style: All Black Casual Chic

I have spent well over 100 hours in the air over the past year and let me tell you, I’ve become a pro at crafting the perfect travel outfit. I used to travel once in a blue moon, and I was so in love with the romantic notion of dressing up on airplanes. High heels and faux fur coats were my jam. And as gorgeous as that look is, it’s just not practical for me anymore. Though I will tell you, I watched this magical creature emerge after a 14 hour flight to Tokyo in sky high heels, a structured blazer, and leather pants while toting a giant piece of Louis Vuitton roller luggage and I nearly died. I actually wanted to drop to my knees and worship this bitch because she looked that good.

But for those of you who crave a more casual look while jet setting to and from exotic places like Detroit or Indianapolis, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few of my go-to travel essentials to create a sophisticated all-black look that will make you feel like a comfortable, stylish, bad ass.

YSL fringe tote


I’ll be honest here: this bag is still on my wish list. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I will soon. I currently use my Celine mini luggage tote while traveling, and as much as I love that bag, I just need something I can throw over my shoulder. This YSL tote is perfection. The fringe adds such an edge to it, and the inside is nice and large so you can stash all your in-flight necessities: a copy of Vogue, your makeup, a journal, a baby bottle of bubbly (or 3), and whatever else you might like.

Adidas track jacket

FullSizeRender(3) copy 10

My cousin convinced me to get this jacket before my last photo shoot when I told her I wanted to incorporate a few fitness looks, and I have not peeled it off my body since. It’s super cute, lightweight, and so comfy. I live in this thing. It’s perfect for Spring travel, where the weather is still kind of chilly. You can throw a tee shirt on underneath, and if you get too warm, just rock that. Bonus points if you rock it with boxer braids like I do.

American Apparel shiny leggings


Buy like 5 pairs of these. Trust me. They look amazing on everyone, they are beyond comfortable, and the shine factor basically makes them look like fancy yoga pants. They suck everything in in the right places and they make you look like a rockstar. I pretty much wear these daily!

Oversized black sunglasses

FullSizeRender(3) copy 12

When I’m traveling, these are a must for me. My latest faves are pictured above, my beloved Chanel cat eyes and my new Celines, but honestly, as long as the shades are big and black, they’re for me. In fact, I used to rock the best pair of $4 Forever 21 glasses that I would still be wearing today if I hadn’t lost them somewhere between New York and San Francisco.


No matter what your personal travel style is, my mantra is this: always look like you belong in first class. You never know when life will hand you an unexpected upgrade.


Note: this is not a sponsored post.


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