My Go-To Weekend Rituals

As an entrepreneuress who works from home, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate weekdays from weekends. My schedule always looks different, and I don’t have much of a routine outside of my SoulCycle classes. I’ve gotta admit though, I couldn’t imagine having it any other way. Every day looks different, I travel often, and I get to design my life.

However, incorporating time on the weekend to slow down has been a life saver for me. It has helped me maximize my energy and creativity, and it has also helped me stay connected to my family and friends, most of whom operate on a 9-5 corporate lifestyle.

When weekends roll around, I am intentional about incorporating lots of self-care and time to “fill my flute,” so to speak.

Here are my go-to weekend rituals that keep me sane and happy:


photo by angelica glass

Get sweaty

I never let a weekend go by without getting in at least 2 SoulCycle classes. Although I ride during the week, it’s crucial for me to ride on a Friday night so I set the tone for a healthy weekend (and avoid diving head first into a bottle of Pinot Noir). I take Noa’s Friday night Rockstar Ride in Brooklyn Heights, and then get in either a Saturday or Sunday ride with him in BK Heights or Williamsburg. An endorphin rush + a mega calorie burner is the ideal way for me to kick off my weekend feeling strong, sexy, and fit. And it’s the perfect excuse to wear my Soul gear with my Chanel kicks (please, as if I need an excuse!)


photo by angelica glass

Get social.

It’s all about the “balance,” right? I actually don’t believe in balance, but I do believe in doing a variety of things that bring you joy. And as much as I love to work out and sip on my green juice, a girl’s gotta indulge a bit! Weekends are the ideal time for me to connect with friends and family in a social setting. Although I occasionally meet up with people for a mid-week happy hour, I love hitting a great restaurant on a Saturday night and indulging a bit. Because I am so health-conscious and I work out so often, letting loose on the weekend with a few glasses of wine and a great meal is important to me so I don’t lose my mind. And if I’m too exhausted to go out, I’ll order take-out from my favorite restaurant in Brooklyn and snuggle up on the couch in my PJ’s with a delicious meal, a drink, and an episode of Girls. Heaven!


Get creative.

Although I get to be creative every day on my social media, there is nothing like curling up to my blog on a Saturday morning with a big cup of coffee and writing. Perhaps I still have a bit of that old corporate schedule in my blood, because Saturdays were always the day I looked forward to before leaving my day job at MTV. It was the one day where I had no other responsibility but my passion and my creativity, and I soaked it all in. You can typically find me brainstorming upcoming blog posts for the week or sending an email out to my VIP list on the weekends. Or, if I’m working on a new book, weekends are my time for writing. I just feel more focused and relaxed when the rest of the world is, too, know what I mean? #EnergyIsEverything.

So I want to know, how do you spend your weekends? Leave me a comment below and let me know! And remember, no matter what your schedule looks like, don’t forget to slow down a bit and have some fun. Taking time away from your work will only inspire your work. Believe me on that.

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