Move Over Vision Boards! Why You Need a Happiness Board + How To Create One

For years, I’ve made vision boards (sometimes multiple boards per year) to keep me focused on my goals and inspired by my dreams. I’ve given my clients assignments to create their own boards, preached about their value on national television, and written about their importance in my books. And I still very much believe in vision boards, but I’ve created something brand new that has been inspiring me in a whole new way – and I want to share it with you.

I recently rearranged my apartment and created a brand new office nook for myself. If you follow me on Snapchat (my name there is GlitterGutsGlam), then you caught some #BTS action of all that. I love change, especially when it comes to my home. This new workspace has reignited my creativity and reminded me of how grateful I am that I get to do what I love every single day. As I was taking my 2016 vision board down from the wall and thinking about where its new home would be on the other side of my apartment, it hit me. As much as I love that board, its mid-year, and many of my goals have changed. I’ve created new goals, and I’ve accomplished things that I did not even set out to do. In short, my life continues to surprise me in new and exciting ways, and I wanted to create a piece of inspirational art to reflect that.

Enter my happiness board.

A mix of celebrations, powerful words and mantras, career achievements, style inspiration, photos that make me smile, future dreams, goals, and basically anything currently making me happy. And the best part? This time around, I’ve chosen a cork board so everything can be added or removed at any time. Because let’s face it – life is dynamic. We are constantly changing, and the things that energize us are constantly changing. So I made something to reflect exactly that. Here’s a peek.

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After I made my happiness board, it got me thinking: sure, goals are important. Of course its awesome to be focused on achieving things in our lives and our careers. But what is driving those goals? What are we really striving for? I don’t know about you, but my personal happiness is my inspiration behind everything I do. To me, success is synonymous with happiness.

I see so many women reaching for dreams that they are not even sure are their own. They’re going for promotions, losing weight, looking for partners, or starting businesses because they feel like they should. They’re goal-seeking based on factors like age, status, and money. They’re not taking the time out to really think about what they want. They’re not focusing on happiness first.

I encourage you to take a good hard look at your vision board and ask yourself, “Do my goals align with the happiness I know I deserve?” “Do my goals make sense for the kind of life I want to live?” “What does success feel like to me, and how can I get there?”

If you want to take a new approach to goal setting and try your hand at creating your own happiness board, here are a few simple steps.

  1. Purchase a cork board from Staples or any office supply store. The one pictured was about $30. If you want to get really fancy, search for a beautifully framed one on Etsy. I just ordered this one, and as soon as it arrives I’ll be transferring my happy thoughts to it. But really, anything will do, as long as the content you’re adding to it is gorgeous and unique to you.
  2. Make a list of everything that is currently making you happy. Whether its things happening in your life, your business, your relationship, whatever! I have everything on my board from a photo of my birthday ride at SoulCycle, to my recent feature on Inc. magazine, to an outfit I love. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your happiness! And remember – everything is held on to your board with push pins, so you can change it at any time.
  3. Start collecting words, photos, and imagery. Grab some magazines, print images from your Pinterest boards, and find personal photos that you love. This is your time to get super creative, so have fun with it! Pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles, and go to town.
  4. Stay engaged. The beauty of using a cork board for this project is that you can constantly update it. Revisit your board once or twice a month and think about what you can add, and what you might want to remove. Add something you’re looking forward to, or something new that is making you happy. Keep it fresh!

And if you want to join me in New York City on Sunday, December 18th to make your 2017 happiness board together, then make sure you sign up here for my event at Uplift Studios. A girl power driven afternoon focused on redefining success, sharing real and raw thoughts on our own personal happiness, and getting set up for an honest and exciting New Year. Hope to see you there!

Happy crafting!







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  • Melissa Donaldson

    I have never done a vision board, but after reading this, I think I might have to do 2!!! One for personal and business. This is awesome!

    • caraalwill

      You totally should! They are game-changers! xo

  • Wendy Estrada

    I’m going though the biggest transition in my life right now.. From being so low to becoming an entrepreneur (at least working to become one) your book Girl Code and vision board has helped me sooo much! Thank You for being such an inspiration. Thank You for channeling those good vives through your books! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    • caraalwill

      You are so welcome!! xoxox

  • Yess Mercedes

    Absolutely love this idea! I am currently fixing up my home office space and I would so much enjoy a happiness board! I did a vision board (since I live + love them since college years) but this cork board would be great!

    • caraalwill

      Have fun with it! xoxoxo

  • Elizabeth

    I am soooooo doing this , next your Celebration List and Glam Vibes, Baybee I am FEELING Like a ROCKSTA … Yeah This is PERFECT and Thank you for always delivering you wrapped in a pretty lil CHANEL box. You ROCK Cara !

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