Morning Protein Frappe Recipe

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my latest obsession – morning protein frappes! I typically do a blended superfood protein shake for breakfast every morning because it just makes me feel incredible. It’s delicious, satisfying, and I love knowing I am starting my day with a nutritional punch that will fuel my mind and body with goodness.

For a while I was enjoying chocolate or vanilla flavored shakes, blended with almond milk and whatever fun accessories I felt like using (PB2, bananas, cinnamon, etc.). But something inspired me to try the Cafe Latte flavored shakes I had on hand and OMG. I’ve been missing out!

Any time I share this, I get tons of questions about the recipe, so I wanted to put it in one place so you ladies can try it. It’s so simple!

1 scoop of this superfood protein

8 oz vanilla almond milk

2 scoops PB2

Dash of cinnamon

3 ice cubes

I blend that in my Ninja blender, serve in a gorgeous wine glass, and enjoy! I mean, look at this gorgeousness!


I will usually have a high fiber english muffin on the side, with a drizzle of almond butter and some fruit on top. The nutrition plan I follow calls for protein + fiber-filled carbs for breakfast, so I know this little meal will set me up for success with my energy and weight loss, which are two major goals for me currently.

Speaking of, if those are goals of yours in 2019, you should join me! I’m doing a January challenge right now in my private VIP community, Rebel Body Babes, and it’s been incredible to watch so many women reclaiming their lives, losing weight in a positive way, and bonding with each other. You can join us by clicking here – and don’t worry that we’re already a few weeks in. I run this group all year round so once you join us, you’re a member forever!

Cheers to our health, happiness, and success!


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