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Confession time: I have a serious love/hate relationship with flying. Truth be told, it’s been more love than hate recently, but give me some rough turbulence and a commuter plane and things can get a bit hairy for me…

Yes, I know. I’m the “fearless” chick. I even wrote a book about conquering your fears! You’d think I’d have this stuff down pat, right? Like I say in my book, Fearless & Fabulous, being “fearless” really just means embracing your fears, and doing it anyway. This doesn’t mean it will feel amazing. This doesn’t mean it will even feel comfortable. In fact, it will feel very uncomfortable. But that is where the magic happens.

I recently flew to Chicago for a business trip. I did a segment on Fox’s Good Day Chicago and shared some strategies from Fearless & Fabulous, giving viewers tips on how to harness your fearlessness to turn your New Year’s resolutions into reality.  I knew flying to Chicago required me getting on a small-ish plane, considering I was coming from New York on a relatively short flight. I set my anxiety aside and implemented my very own tools to tackle this flight and not let my fear get the best of me.

My husband and I got to the airport with about 2 hours to spare, so naturally we parked ourselves in the Delta lounge in Terminal A at LaGuardia airport (a seriously nice terminal, by the way. It’s super quiet and you pretty much feel like a VIP). We had some time to kill and some nerves to calm, so naturally I hit the bar. A few mini bottle of Mionetto prosecco and I had already taken flight, so to speak…

Before we knew it, it was time to board. As soon as we stowed our bags, I looked out the window and quickly realized we were inside of a snow globe. Wonderful. Snow was not in the forecast, but there it was. And oh so much of it. Our pilot announced that we were being de-iced, and we’d take off shortly. Immediately the paranoia crept in and I began rapid firing questions at my husband. “How can the pilot possibly see with all this snow?” “What if the plane freezes in mid-air?” “Do you think they’d just give me 3 ounces of wine before we take off if I tell them I am going to have a panic attack?” “I really only need like 3 ounces.”

Before I knew it, we were up in the air, bouncing and bobbing up to 30,000 feet. Terrifying would be an understatement for the kind of take-off we experienced. So terrifying that the pilot was profusely apologizing for the turbulence and let us know that the seat belt sign would probably be on for the entire duration of the flight.

I swore we were taking the train home and I would never do a short flight again. But naturally, after a few amazing days in Chicago, I had time to regroup and head home with a clear head and a fresh perspective. Doing live television definitely forces you to tap into your fearlessness, and I did just that. Suddenly that little flight home felt doable. Very doable.

We got to the airport that Monday evening and I felt…different. There’s something about tackling your fears. The more you do it, the better you become. And the more you want to do it. It’s kind of like a domino effect of fearlessness, if you will.

As we boarded that plane, I told myself I was going to enjoy this flight home, no matter what. Luckily the plane was empty so my husband and I got to spread out, each getting two seats to ourselves. He immediately cozied up the window seat, put his headphones on, and stared out the window. I want to be that person, I thought, as I looked over at him. The person who fearlessly looks out the window. Not the girl with her head down and eyes closed, waiting for it to be over.

We began rolling down the runway, picking up more and more speed. I inched over to the window seat, and began slowly peering out at the ground below me. Keep looking, I told myself. What’s the worst that will happen? You’re going up anyway! Can’t stop it now.

As I felt the plane lift off, I stared out at the city, lit up like little diamonds and breathtakingly gorgeous. My entire body filled with chills. I was smiling like the Cheshire cat, an ear to ear grin that came from a place inside of me I never knew before. That’s the thing about becoming fearless. You get to meet a brand new piece of yourself every time you grow.


I immediately began reflecting on everything. There’s something about leaving the ground that gives you a perspective you just can’t get any other way. As I stared out on Chicago, I felt so proud of what I had just come there to do. I shared my message with a new piece of the world. And with that bird’s eye view, I suddenly realized I wasn’t just “that person” who looked out the window. I was someone different. Someone better. Someone with a new view. Someone who gave herself the chance to experience absolutely everything.

As we all should.

With love and bubbles,


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