Last Chance to Grab Your Girl Code GIFTS!

Hi guys! I just wanted to quickly pop in here to let you know that the new version of Girl Code will be officially released on Tuesday! AHHH! 🙂 And it’s your last chance to pre-order the book and get your exclusive gift pack. Here’s the deal:

In case you haven’t heard, the new version of Girl Code is being re-released by Portfolio Books (a division of Penguin Random House…the same imprint that published #Girlboss and Seth Godin’s books. HELLO!). It features two brand new never-before-seen interviews from my ultimate girl crush: legendary singer Shirley Manson of the band Garbage, and groundbreaking entrepreneur and PR extraordinaire, Gwen Wunderlich. I also wrote a brand new introduction that chronicles the past two years and how Girl Code has grown into what it is now.

The book will be out this Tuesday July 4, but you can pre-order your copy here through Monday.

I realize you may feel like, Cara! I have this book already, why would I buy it again just for a few new interviews? Here’s why: my amazing team at Portfolio has created a pre-order incentive campaign, where you will get a special gift package including custom Girl Code mantra cards and temporary tattoos (that match my real ones!) when you pre-order the book between now and this coming Monday, July 3. And when you buy yourself the new version, I thought it would be so cool if you gifted your old version to a woman you love. You can even write her a little inspirational note in the front of the book for her! Make sure you go here to enter your information to claim your gifts as soon as you pre-order. Note: if you don’t enter your information through that link, we won’t be able to send you the gifts.

And if your friends have already read Girl Code, why not leave it in a women’s restroom or in a common space at your office and let someone find a copy with a special note inside? Last summer during my book tour, I’d leave extra copies on the airplane and hoped that a woman who needed it would find it. I just love the idea of a #PayItForward initiative so I thought this would be really special.

Check out a sneak peek of what the temporary tattoos look like. They match my real ones! I mean, how cute!?



That last one says “She is not afraid of anything,” in French, and I got it after I took myself to Paris alone. I have it on my left forearm and it’s my favorite tattoo.

Plus, you’ll get a little collection of these really beautiful pink, gold, and black “mantra cards” that feature my favorite quotes from the book. They’re postcard sized so you can use them as bookmarks, pin them to your happiness board, or keep them near your desk for inspiration!

We really wanted to make these little goodies as a special THANK YOU for all your ongoing support on this journey, and of course for pre-ordering the book. You ladies really do mean so much to me, so I hope you know that.

A few things to note: this is only available to U.S. readers (I’m sorry! I truly wish we could accommodate international orders!) And please be sure to read all the official rules here when entering your information.

If you have already pre-ordered but haven’t signed up for your gifts, click here to do it!

Thank you ladies so much for being such a huge source of love, positivity, and inspiration to me! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the new version!







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