It’s Just Like Riding a Bike

Traveling always brings out great energy in me. On my birthday in Chicago after lunch, I spotted a bike rental spot and just knew I had to ride one. Keep in mind, the last time I rode an ACTUAL bike was when I was 11 years old! I take a zillion spin classes a week, but to hop on a bike that’s not stationary and planted into the ground — one I could fall off of and break a few bones — whole different story. So while this may not seem like a big deal to some, it was definitely new territory for me!

I fearlessly hopped on, and although I was a little shaky at first, I just went for it and we wound up riding all around Chicago for the whole afternoon. Tapping into that fearlessness was SO empowering. Sometimes it’s not just about taking huge risks, it’s the little things that teach us the most.

It got me thinking about the foreword my good friend Jonna Spilbor wrote for my book Fearless & Fabulous. She writes about how as children, we are naturally fearless. We dream big, without limitations. We believe we can do or be anything we want to be. And it’s the truth. Think about the age we are when we learn how to ride a bike. We’re typically young enough to not know better. We don’t think about all the bones we can break should we fall the wrong way. We may know we can fall, but we don’t really care. Our desire to ride that bike and feel free outweighs our fear.

My little bike ride around Chicago was big for me. It was more than hopping on a bike after 20-something years. It was about channeling that child-like, fearless side and feeling that overwhelming sense of joy that comes along with it. I live my life pretty fearlessly when it comes to business and major decisions, but sometimes I forget how important it is to be fearless in those small, every day moments.

So let’s talk about you. How can you hop on that metaphorical bike again? How can you let go of the hesitation and take the leap in your day to day life? It doesn’t have to be major. It can be a small move that reminds you how great it feels to let go.

Remember, fearlessness is your natural state. The minute you put it into action, you’ll remember how familiar it feels.

It’s just like riding a bike…


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