Is “I’m Not Getting My Hopes Up” Your Catch Phrase?

One of the things I used to always catch myself saying was, “That would be great, but, I’m not getting my hopes up.” Have you ever said or thought the same thing?

Just pause for a moment and think about how insane that sounds. Why wouldn’t we get our hopes up? Why are we conditioned to think that if we think positively, we may somehow “ruin” the outcome?

It wasn’t until I began practicing the Law of Attraction (or my own version of it that I’ve coined The Power of Fabulous Thinking), and really witnessing the mind-blowing results of just how powerful our thoughts are, that I started to realize how crazy it was to not want to be hopeful.

In the past few weeks alone, by getting my hopes up, I have manifested some truly amazing things. I have been pinching myself, in major gratitude mode, and totally in awe of how fun it actually is to get my hopes up and watch the magic unfold.

And I know you’re probably thinking, “But what about when it doesn’t happen?” I’ll get to that in a sec…

So I’m going to ask you: what can you become hopeful about today? And let’s take it a step further — what can you become downright excited over? As a caveat to that, let me also say that you need to have a deep-rooted faith that what’s for you will never, ever pass you, and that if there is a dream placed in your heart, it’s there because you will achieve it. It may not happen exactly as you envisioned, but I can promise you that if you think positively, take consistent action toward your goals, you will be very, pleasantly surprised. I am living proof, as are the hundreds of women I have worked with.

So that’s your mission for today. Will you accept it? (I feel like I should be in a trench coat right now handing off some sort of briefcase to you. Chanel, of course).


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