How to Slay Your Side Hustle + Kiss Your 9-5 Goodbye

Have you ever found yourself sitting in your cubicle, watching your IG stories, wondering how the hell all these girls get to do what they love every day? Have you ever wondered who these magical unicorns are that wake up without alarm clocks, get to travel around the world for their business (in first class, might I add), and actually pay their bills by pursuing their passion?

I get it. I’ve been there. Except for me it was Facebook groups because I’m kind of a dinosaur and IG stories didn’t exist back then. LOLz.

But I really do understand. As someone who eventually ditched her six-figure corporate career at MTV and turned her side hustle into a six-figure business within in it’s first year, I know a thing or two about turning your passion into profit. I took a blog and turned it into a self-published empire which led to a multiple six-figure double book deal, a successful coaching practice, a podcast with 4.5 million listeners in a little over a year, a fashion business, and more – and none of that happened by accident. I’d also like to underline the fact that I dropped out of college, was raised in a single-parent household with no money, and am the daughter of a drug addict. My secret to success has been claiming responsibility for my own life, never pointing fingers at anyone, and never looking back. You can learn more about my story in Episode 119 of Style Your Mind (click here to listen).

When I released my best selling book GIRL CODE in 2015, it felt like the flood gates opened and thousands of women wanted to know the answer to that burning question: How do I take my side hustle and make it my full-time career? I did it, with no special opportunities, no investors, no hand-outs, and no lucky breaks. And you can do it too.

I’ve decided to create the ultimate immersion experience for every woman who can’t bear the thought of spending one more year under those fluorescent lights of their corporate office. A 30-day bootcamp where I will share my best practices, top strategies, game-changing mindset shifts, and action steps for creating a path for yourself as a full-time entrepreneur.


In Passionistas Who Profit, we’ll meet LIVE for a total of 4 weekly live group coaching calls, hosted via Zoom chat, beginning Thursday December 13th at 7 PM ET. During these sessions, I will break down my best advice for setting yourself up in your side hustle and creating a solid action plan for leaving your 9-5. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions, bounce ideas off me, and chat with the other women in our community. I will share my exact revenue streams and how they evolved over the years, how I structure my business and my schedule, and help you do the same. You will receive assignments to put you on track for real planning and accountability, as well as a digital workbook for the experience.

In addition to our 4 calls, you will have access to a private Facebook community for members of Passionistas Who Profit only. You can use this group to network, keep each other accountable, share inspiration, and be inspired. When I was getting ready to leave MTV, the one thing that made me feel like it was possible was seeing other women who had done it, and were in the process of doing it. Community is everything when it comes to entrepreneurship, and I pride myself on creating the best communities within the industry. I will be in the group during our month-long immersion, sharing inspiration and answering questions.


Ready to do this? Here’s a recap of what’s included in Passionistas Who Profit:

– A 30-day group coaching experience to set you up for success and arm you with what it takes to slay your side hustle and leave your 9-5

– 4 LIVE group coaching calls (BONUS CALL JUST ADDED!) including live chat, Q&A, and sisterhood. Dates for our calls are Thursday December 13th, Thursday December 20th, and Thursday December 27th. The bonus call will happen on Thursday, January 3rd.

All calls will begin at 7 PM ET sharp and last approximately 60-90 minutes. Calls will be recorded and posted in the group for replay access

– A private, members-only Facebook group to network, stay accountable, and be inspired

– Access to me as your personal coach to help you navigate your side hustle and create an actionable plan to create your dream job


Space is limited to 10 women only and spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

The investment for this opportunity is $997. Click here to reserve your space.

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