How to Create a High-End Morning Routine

The way you start your day can literally change everything. Do you ever wonder why when you wake up in a beautiful hotel room you feel ready to tackle the world? Sleeping on 1500 thread count sheets and being served hot espresso by a white-gloved man can certainly put a smile on my face, but unfortunately that’s not my every day (yet). But we can still make small tweaks to our daily morning rituals that make us feel just as luxurious and help us run our lives and businesses like a queen.

If your typical weekday morning feels more like a Category 5 hurricane than a 5-star hotel experience, then its time you start reassessing the way you are waking up in the morning. Just a few key changes can take you from rushed, anxious and stressed out to peaceful, creative, and productive.

Here are a few things you can do to take your morning from Category 5 hurricane to 5-Star Hotel in under 15 minutes:

Start with gratitude. Before your feet hit the floor or you load Instagram, think of 5 things you’re grateful for. That powerful act will help clear your mind, shift your energy, and start the day on a positive note.

Instead of wearing your old ratty sweats, wear a fluffy white robe while getting ready. You can find my favorite here.

Instead of watching the news, turn on some jazz. Nobody needs to hear about a murder before they’ve had a sip of coffee. Am I right?

Take 10 minutes to journal. Write down your top goals for the day. How do you want to feel? What are your priorities? What is making you happy right now? And how can you add more of that to your day?

Swap your Mr. Coffee for a French Press or a Nespresso. Your java will taste a thousand times better and your entire home will smell like a Parisian cafe. Trust.

While savoring your morning coffee, read a few inspirational blogs or some positive quotes to get your day going on the right note. If you’re a #GirlBoss, check out Adriana Langford’s Profit Girl blog. She’s hilarious and knows her shit. If you’re into fashion and lifestyle, check out Katy McFarlan’s Chronicles of Frivolity. Warning: she will make you want to make a bee-line for Nordstrom immediately. And don’t forget to grab your copy of Girl Code and re-read the chapters you love most!

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However you decide to enhance your morning routine, remember that you deserve to start your day feeling gorgeous, glamorous, and inspired. And nothing less.


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