How to BE the Woman You Want to Be

I’m obsessed with the idea of reinventing ourselves. One of the most thrilling, creatively energizing, and empowering truths is that we get to choose the kind of woman we want to be. And we can tune into her at ANY time.

Throughout my life and my career, I have constantly examined myself, reinvented myself, and built myself into a woman I am incredibly proud of. And it is truly an ongoing process.

This is super important for business! The kind of woman you are will determine the kind of people you work with. In order to work with high-quality people, you must be sure you are a high-quality woman. Even if you’ve been in business for a while and achieved success, it’s always helpful to revisit the vision for who you are. Where can you upgrade? What can you release?

Here are a few questions I love to ask myself as a little check-in whenever I am focusing on leveling up and becoming the woman I want to be:

Does the way I’m living align with the woman I want to be? (lifestyle, home, etc.)

Does the way I’m dressing align with the woman I want to be? (am I a hot mess express or do I look chic and polished and ready for anything?)

Does the way I’m treating my body align with the woman I want to be? (am I being lazy and eating chips at my desk all day? or am I moving my body and eating nutrient-rich foods that will raise my vibration, and make me glow from the inside out?)

Does the way I’m showing up in my relationships align with the woman I want to be? (am I being self-centered and snippy? or am I being kind, supportive, and loving to those around me?)

Something as simple as your tone in an email can have a profound impact on the way people perceive you, and the way you feel about yourself.

In episode 90 of Style Your Mind, I’m sharing my top tips for aligning with your best self. Click here to give it a listen!


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