High Vibe Business Babe: My Success Coaching + Business Strategy Program


I’m thrilled to announce I am now enrolling new clients into my private coaching + business strategy program, for ambitious women who are ready to step into their next level.

Imagine waking up every day, feeling absolutely certain that you are about to do your best work. Imagine being so obsessed with your own life, that the idea of comparing yourself to a stranger on social media seems laughable.

Envision yourself, completely aligned with the woman you know you’re meant to be: thinking like her, doing business like her, earning income like her, dressing like her, attracting dream opportunities like her.

Imagine reclaiming your time, owning your day, and truly, finally, stepping into your power as a successful business woman. On your own terms.



Knows exactly what she wants and is ready to choose herself

Wants to raise her profile and become known as a leader in her industry

Is done doubting herself, and knows she’s meant to step into her next level

Is driven and motivated, but craves support and high-level business expertise to reach her full potential

Is a self-starter, but wants an experienced business mentor to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with



During our time together, we will:

Get laser focused on raising your vibe.

Work together to supercharge your content and position you as an expert.

Revisit your personal brand + mission statement to help tell your story + attract the clients, press, and energy you desire.

Amp up your mindset and create empowering thoughts that support the high vibe version of you.

Redefine success on your own terms.

Create actionable weekly goals that align with your vision for your life + work.

Create an energetic outline for your life so that you can show up fully.

Truly decide the woman you want to be and embody her completely.

Get over the concept of failure and utilize those experiences to evolve.

Establish and implement success rituals and powerful ways of living every day.



I work with all kinds of professional women including doctors, retail business owners, attorneys, coaches, creative entrepreneurs, authors, network marketers, corporate professionals, real estate professionals, brick and mortar store owners, fashion entrepreneurs, and more.


Some of the things I’ve worked with my clients on include:

Content audit + edits (this could be me helping you revise your bio, sales pages, blog posts, etc.)

Communication skills + having difficult business conversations

Launching podcasts

Self-publishing books

Negotiating for higher rates + raises

Eradicating fear-based mindsets

Truly understanding their worth and acting accordingly

Social media audit + strategy

Creating health + wellness routines to support their life + business

Brainstorming new business ideas



1, 45-minute check in call per week, for 12 weeks total

Unlimited email support + accountability for 12 weeks total

Investment: $6500

Payment plans are available

My exclusive private coaching + business strategy program runs for 3 months, and includes 1 call per week, lasting 45 minutes each. You will also have unlimited email access to me during our time together. You can email me anytime you want, every single day if you wish. Consider this your ALL ACCESS PASS to my brain and energy.

Please email me directly at Cara@TheChampagneDiet.com to apply.


My Coaching Education + Credentials:

I hold several certifications in coaching, all earned between 2012-2013 at the ICF-accredited World Coach Institute including CPC (Certified Professional Coach), CLC (Certified Life Coach), CWC (Certified Wellness Coach), and CCMC (Certified Coach Master Class).

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