Girl Power is Not a Trend: Are You Living Your Hashtags?

I recently discovered that my book, Girl Code, had been featured in an article, in The Australian, titled “Trending Now, Girl Power.” The article, mainly covering support among women entrepreneurs in the start-up space, referred to the word “girl” popping up frequently among success books (like mine), television shows, and women’s conferences. It suggested that the term, and idea of “girl power” had become popular lately, and it led me to think about how it has becoming increasingly trendy, specifically on social media.

I preach about the importance of supporting women every single day. I write about it in my books, I coach my clients on it, and I discuss it in my girl gang, the Slay Baby Collective. I talk about it in television segments, and on the radio. It’s my passion and my life’s work. On social media, one of the ways to promote this message and connect with other like-minded women is to use hashtags like #girlpower, #womenempoweringwomen, and #endgirlhate, to name a few. If you’ve searched these tags, you’ve probably seen more and more accounts popping up lately with the same message.

And it’s not just Instagram that’s making girl power so cool lately. Pins, patches, and tee shirts available at major retailers like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales with cutesy terms like “Girl Gang” are popping up everywhere.


But the question is, are women really practicing what they post, and wear? And will they practice it beyond a few months of pretty quotes on social media and a sweatshirt from Wildfox? I ask this, not because I’m doubtful. If anything, I’m hopeful. I think it’s wonderful that women are seeing the importance of getting behind each other. But I want to encourage all of us to check in with ourselves and make sure we’re taking these terms and applying them to our lives and our careers.

Here are a few ways you can make sure girl power is here to stay:

Reach out to a woman who inspires you and send her an email, or a better yet, a handwritten card, to say thank you.

Organize a real life girl gang and set up a local meet up in your city. is a great place to make this happen.

Mentor a young woman or someone just starting out in business by offering to take her to coffee and share some tips with her to help get her work off the ground.

Stay away from negative conversations and gossip about other women. If you find yourself in that type of conversation, encourage the people you’re speaking with to change the subject to something positive.

Send one of your gal pals flowers and include a card letting her know you’re proud of her.

Contact your former elementary school or middle school and offer to come speak to the students about the importance of supporting other girls.

These are just a few ideas, I share more in my book Girl Code, including stories of how I built my entire brand and career by empowering women and collaborating rather than competing. It really is a game changer. And it really does feel so much better to lift another woman up rather than tear her down. As the saying goes by James Keller goes, “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

So get out there and start living your hashtags. Send that email, book that coffee date. No matter what approach you take, let’s make sure that girl power never goes out of style.


*Girl Gang jacket image is courtesy of Pinterest*

*Girl Power quote image is mine*


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  • Andra

    Hi Cara, I’ve just started listening to your new audio book, Girl Code yesterday. I’m about one hour in and it’s been a great reminder to come together with other amazing women. I think I’ve shyed away from this in the past simply because I feared that others wouldn’t be willing to support me…but now I feel like it’s such a ridiculous thought! As a result, I emailed a group of other women entrepreneurs today asking if they’d like to create a Facebook mastermind where we can support each other’s work through social media and already 5 ladies have said yes! Right before I was about to send the message I even had this voice that was saying “don’t do it, they’re all going to ignore you!” and clearly I was wrong. It also shows me that these high school “mean girl” fears are something that are still lingering around lol! Like they say, there’s no end to personal development.

    Thanks for the reminder and your work.


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