Catch Up On My New Radio Show!

I have been having the best time with my new radio show, Slay Baby. We’re 4 episodes deep now and it’s been an amazing experience to connect with my listeners, live on the air, and help answer their questions and inspire them to think and live better.

There’s something so romantic about a late night radio experience, with an anonymous caller and host on the line, and others listening in. I’ve loved that whole concept since I was little and my mom would listen to talk radio shows. In this day and age of overexposure, there’s a quiet secrecy to the radio experience that I think is very special and nostalgic. You can be vulnerable, yet private. You can be real and raw, yet not have to worry about what you look like, or who is judging you.


Slay Baby Radio airs every Thursday evening at 8 PM ET on You can listen to the show live by clicking the “Listen Live” button at the top of the page, and if you’re on your mobile device, the app is your best bet. If you’ve missed any of the shows, or want to hear them again, you can find them all on my SoundCloud page by clicking here.

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