It was time to get real with myself.

As someone who has struggled with her weight for most of her entire life (I joined weight watchers at 11 years old) I know what it feels like to have a completely fucked up and dysfunctional relationship with food and with my body. After becoming a professional dieter, and losing and gaining weight like it was my job, I was done. Done beating myself up. Done starving. Done binging. Done putting the keys to my self-worth inside a pair of skinny jeans.

I spent years reprogramming my brain and finding ways to accept myself for who I am and what I look like, regardless of what the number on the scale said. I immersed myself in the body positivity movement and it saved my sanity. I finally learned to love myself – fully. I felt better, like I could breathe again. All that reprogramming helped me lose some of the weight that I didn’t want or need, and for a while, I felt pretty good.

But recently, the pounds have crept back on. I can pinpoint exactly what happened, too. I landed my first traditional book deal in January of 2017 and suddenly had huge deadlines hanging over my head. I was writing like it was my job – because now it was. I was now on a new level, with a new standard. The bar had been raised.  And the stress got to me. I began over-eating and over-drinking. Too many nights of nachos and red wine and pizza and take-out to quell my nerves added up.

And now here we are.

Don’t get me wrong – I still love myself, and my body. But I’m uncomfortable in my own skin again. I’ve put on about 25 pounds. 25! Pounds! I dread getting dressed. I’m wearing the same thing every day because it hides the parts of me that I can’t bear to face. Isn’t it funny how we become master “hiders” when we aren’t where we want to be weight-wise?

I’m slower. Heavier. I may be my “best self” but I certainly do not have my best body. I always thought it was one or the other. But it’s not! I can be successful and have a hot bod. I get to decide to have it all. We all do.

And it’s beyond vanity or being comfortable. I had to come face-to-face with the fact that I am overweight. I may not “look it” but according to my BMI, I am overweight, skirting the borderline of obesity. And being overweight or obese puts you at risk for all kinds of diseases. Heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes – the list goes on. This is serious shit. And it’s time to get it under control.

Recently it hit me – you CAN be body positive. You CAN love your body. And STILL want it to be leaner, stronger, smaller, and healthier. You can love your body, and want to make it better.

I had made “weight loss” a dirty term because I thought wanting to lose weight meant you didn’t love yourself. And that’s completely untrue.

What a fucking revelation.

And we all know a good revelation leads to a revolution…

All the work I have done learning to love myself has taught me one thing – loving myself means being honest with myself. And if I’m being honest, I am tired of covering up my body. I’m tired of wearing the same 3/4 sleeve length top to SoulCycle and frantically washing it every single day to have it ready for the next class. I’m tired of fearing summertime. I’m tired of cringing at myself in pictures. I’m tired of investigating myself in the mirror, trying to see if I can find a way to suck in and find just the right angle that helps me feel less ashamed for not being as good as I could be to my body.

Honestly – it’s time to lose some weight. Proudly. Honestly. LOVINGLY. In a way that feels good to me. Not in a way that feels restrictive, or that’s rooted in self-loathing, or crazy strict rules. Hello? I created The Champagne Diet. I am all about indulging when I want to. I cannot live happily and freely with rules. And I’m all about being happy and free. I worked damn hard to get here, and I’m not giving that up – not even for flatter abs.

So I am recommitting to shed some extra weight that is no longer serving me. I don’t have a number goal because if I’ve learned one thing, it’s not about a number. It’s about a feeling. It’s about being in control and being confident in the way I’m treating myself and my body. The problem was, I was racking my brain to find some kind of support with this, because I knew I didn’t want to do it solo. I can do a lot of things alone – but losing weight just isn’t one of them. I crave the support of other like-minded soul sisters and some sort of nutritional guidelines to keep me in check. But where was I going to find that!? Lord knows I wasn’t going back to Weight Watchers and I wasn’t putting my food in containers every day or enrolling in some crazy meal plan with a rigorous workout schedule or timed nutrition. No thank you.

Funny enough, the day I decided enough was enough, I saw my friend Andrea Crowder posting about a new program she had been following. She was raving not only about her results, but the freedom she was finding from emotional eating. In all my years of crazy diets, I never – ever – found a plan focused on conquering emotional eating. I never found a plan that helped you actually understand what you were putting in your body and why, and empowered you to do whatever you want, as long as you kept yourself accountable. This is what Andrea was doing. And I was sold. Thank you, Universe.

Enter 2B Mindset. Ladies, I am obsessed with this program. It’s basically a series of digital videos that you watch, hosted by an RDN (Registered Dietician Nutritionist) who lost 100 pounds herself and has kept it all off using the 2B Mindset principles. And it is literally SO EASY. Honestly, I keep waiting for “the catch” and there isn’t one. It’s simply eating well, and arranging your plate in a way that makes the most sense for weight loss.

She explains why we need certain foods (protein, veggies, fiber-filled carbs), and when to eat them. She empowers you to create your own recipes, but also provides a TON of delicious ones. She educates you on how to fill your plate. This wasn’t rocket science for me, but at the same time, it felt like it. I cannot even explain the amount of “a-ha!” moments I have had already. She encourages you to eat to feel full. She lets you have wine! Her only suggestion? Track it all. Write it down. I’m using a pretty pink journal to track everything that goes in my mouth – because as a life coach, I know how important accountability is. I’ve even been taking it a step further and not just writing down my food, but making little notes about my mood and energy level, and let me tell you – I feel fucking fabulous.

So far, I’ve lost 5 pounds. It sounds like nothing, but for someone who has begged the scale to budge, it’s huge. The scale is literally going down daily. Clearly my body is releasing what it no longer needs, and craziest thing is I have never had results like this – not even when I was basically starving. And it’s not just happening to me – it’s happening to all the other babes who are on this plan.

I am also using one other major component to help me get rid of this extra weight: my mind. You guys know I am all about making sure I am an energetic match for the things I want. I have used my mindset to get every single thing I want in life: book deals, a dream apartment in Manhattan, massive levels of success in my business, amazing people around me, a lot of fucking money, a fab closet. So why haven’t I tapped into this superpower to get my dream body? Once this hit me, I was like – duh Cara. It is already yours.

You ladies know me – I’m a sharer, because I believe that our stories can save lives. I believe our stories can make others feel less alone and more inspired and see what’s possible for them. I’d love to share this program with you, and have you do it with me, and come join an amazing tribe of bad ass babes who are done depriving themselves and focused on what they truly desire – a hot and healthy body (there is no shame in wanting this!), and food we love.

Andrea and I are hosting a private Facebook group that we’ve named Rebel Body Babes for anyone who enrolls in the program. We are an exclusive community of women who have decided to give the middle finger to the “rules” around dieting. We’re choosing ourselves now – before the weight loss, and the six-pack abs. We have decided we are worth it, and we’re going for it, together. As a Rebel Body Babe, you’ll follow the nutrition plan for weight loss (working out is option and not required! and you do not need to drink shakes or anything like that if you don’t want to!), you will indulge in the support of our sisterhood, and build your brand new mind and body. And OMG – we are making shirts. (I mean, of course we are!) I’m sharing my revelations, mantras, tips, recipes, gorgeous food photos, and real-time inspiration in the group daily as I go through this plan with you and lose this weight. PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to join our Facebook community unless you enroll in the program through me! Details are below…

It’s been a long time since I believed in something like this so strongly. And I’d never put my name on something I did not wholeheartedly believe in and already see results from.

This. is. the. shit.

If you want to join me, you can sign up for the nutrition plan here. If you’d like to do the nutrition plan including Shakeology (I call it my morning prozac, LOL) then use this link to sign up for the “Level Up” package and take advantage of a huge savings (I got you!). I cannot stress enough how Shakeology has changed the game for me. Not only is it easy to know breakfast is sorted each day, but it has seriously boosted my mood and taken away all cravings (and it does this naturally – there is no weird shit in there!)

Again, the only way to have access to our group is to sign up through me using that link. I truly wish it was open to everyone, but these are the rules. Once you confirm your order, email me at with “Rebel Body Babe” in the subject line and include your order number. I’ll add you to the group and we’ll officially be on this journey together!

Just a few quick notes: If you’re already working with a Beachbody team or you are a Beachbody coach, you won’t be able to join my Rebel Body Babes. This is for brand new clients only, per the rules of the road! I wish it wasn’t the case!

Also, to be in on this program with me, you’ll need to use that link above so we can track your order. That link is tied to my personal ID, so be sure to click that one so I can get you into Rebel Body Babes and fully support you.

I cannot wait to lose weight and feel fucking fabulous with you!

With love and healthy vibes,

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Reinvention: the action or process through which something is changed so much that it appears to be entirely new.

Spring has sprung! And there is no better time to take stock of your business than right now. The holidays are behind us, we’re coming out of our winter slumber mode, yet we’re ahead of the deep summer stagnancy. I find that not only am I excited and invigorated by the fresh energy of Spring, but my audience and clients are as well. It seems like everyone is ready for something new.

I love using the vibrant energy of Spring to look for ways to refresh my work, reinvent myself, increase productivity, and ascend to the next level in my business. I’m sharing 9 powerful steps with you that I’ve created that you can use to “Spring Clean” your business. And we’re going to break this up into three sections to stay organized: 1) Personal Cleanup, 2) Goals + Vision Cleanup, 3) Operational Cleanup.

Personal Cleanup. This is the time to ask yourself some serious questions to get your mind and body aligned with the business woman you want to be. Ask yourself:

Am I happy with what I’m doing? I can’t tell you how many women I meet that are staying put in their business because they feel they should. Maybe they’ve invested money in products, or time building up a following, but deep down, they are miserable and they know their business is not right for them. Get honest about your work, and have the courage to start anew if needed. Your happiness should be your number 1 priority. If you are not being true to yourself, what’s the point?

Am I happy with my personal style? This is the perfect time for a wardrobe refresh. Toss any clothes that do not fit well, or align with the powerful business woman you want to be. Dress for the success you want. Do old yoga pants with a hole in the crotch represent the million-dollar earning CEO you see yourself as? Is it time to upgrade to a power purse so you can feel confident when showing up to networking events or meetings? Set aside a budget to shop for new items that match the energy of your goals and vision. Dressing well does not have to cost a fortune, either. Look for deals at consignment shops, or pair down your closet into a capsule wardrobe. Developing a signature style can help save you time and money. You can even check out my new collection of my personal luxury pre-owned items and unique finds, Curated By Cara for some ideas!

Where can I make healthy changes to my nutrition and fitness? Health is wealth. And the way we treat our bodies has a direct impact on our bottom line. Eat to nourish your body and mind, and make movement a priority. Get outside for walks in the fresh air, or try a new fitness class.

Goals + Vision Cleanup. This is the perfect season to get focused on the long-term vision for your business. What do you truly want? What goals excite you, and are you taking active steps to make them your reality? Follow these steps to get clear on your business vision and goal setting. Ask yourself:

Do I know where I’m headed? What does the future of my business look like? Visualizing your future is incredibly important. If you don’t know where you want to go, how can you take the steps to get there? Think about what success looks like to you. What would you love to achieve? Where do you see yourself this time next year?

Am I actively taking steps to head in that direction? It’s wonderful to dream, but without action, dreams remain in our imagination. Ask yourself if the things you are doing right now will get you to the place you see yourself next month, or next year. If you are spending your time on things in your business that do not feel good, it’s time to redirect.

Do I believe I am worthy of growth in my business? Do I feel worthy of success? This is a biggie! If there is something blocking you from believing that success is possible for you, you’ve got to figure it out. Did you grow up listening to your parents say negative things about “rich people,” so you feel guilty for desiring wealth? Did a school teacher once tell you that you weren’t a good writer, so now you’re terrified to start that blog?

If you need some assistance in any of these areas, consider enrolling in my new course, Style Your Mind for Success: The Masterclass. We kick off on April 30 and it’s bound to change the way you relate to yourself and your business. Please note: if you are enrolling in the course, make sure you are clicking that link via web browser, and not within the Instagram or Facebook app (some readers have reported an in-app issue with commerce links!) If you pull up a web browser on your phone or computer it should be fine.

Operational Cleanup. Spring is the ideal time to review your website, social media feeds, and newsletter to make sure all information is relevant.

Do a digital review. Check your website and make sure all links work correctly. Do you need to update your bio? What about your services? Are there typos anywhere?

Do a branding refresh. Do you need to update your branding? How do you feel about the vibe of your brand? Do the colors align with who you are as a woman? Do you love the fonts you’re using on social media? I recently switched from using a baby pink to a mauve, because I felt it was more representative of the woman I am becoming. I’m moving away from the cutesty, candy pink vibe to a more elevated look and feel, both personally and professionally. This small change has made a major impact on the way I feel about my business.

Review your pricing. Spring is a great time to check in on your pricing. Do you feel like you can raise your rates? Have you spent the past 6 months grinding and gaining more and more experience and client testimonials? Have your podcast or social media stats gone way up? Don’t be scared to recognize your growth and charge more for your services. Those who value you will be happy to pay you your worth!

If these tips resonated with you, be sure to check out episode 92 of the Style Your Mind for more on this topic.

Happy cleaning!



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I’m obsessed with the idea of reinventing ourselves. One of the most thrilling, creatively energizing, and empowering truths is that we get to choose the kind of woman we want to be. And we can tune into her at ANY time.

Throughout my life and my career, I have constantly examined myself, reinvented myself, and built myself into a woman I am incredibly proud of. And it is truly an ongoing process.

I usually take the Kamagra soft tabs, as they are not that bitter (the weekenders are of course better, as they taste like milk powder), but the normal ones do not really bother me either. I chew it and then just rinse with a little water.

This is super important for business! The kind of woman you are will determine the kind of people you work with. In order to work with high-quality people, you must be sure you are a high-quality woman. Even if you’ve been in business for a while and achieved success, it’s always helpful to revisit the vision for who you are. Where can you upgrade? What can you release?

Here are a few questions I love to ask myself as a little check-in whenever I am focusing on leveling up and becoming the woman I want to be:

Does the way I’m living align with the woman I want to be? (lifestyle, home, etc.)

Does the way I’m dressing align with the woman I want to be? (am I a hot mess express or do I look chic and polished and ready for anything?)

Does the way I’m treating my body align with the woman I want to be? (am I being lazy and eating chips at my desk all day? or am I moving my body and eating nutrient-rich foods that will raise my vibration, and make me glow from the inside out?)

Does the way I’m showing up in my relationships align with the woman I want to be? (am I being self-centered and snippy? or am I being kind, supportive, and loving to those around me?)

Something as simple as your tone in an email can have a profound impact on the way people perceive you, and the way you feel about yourself.

In episode 90 of Style Your Mind, I’m sharing my top tips for aligning with your best self. Click here to give it a listen!


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After the blockbuster success of my bestselling book, GIRL CODE: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur, I heard loud and clear from my community that you craved more content and support around entrepreneurship. In my brand-new masterclass, Style Your Mind for Success, we’re digging even deeper into what it takes to be a successful business woman. This robust, in-depth coaching course features never-before released content around how to gain more confidence and clarity in your business and elevate yourself to the next level.


Imagine waking up every day, feeling absolutely certain that you are about to do your best work. Imagine being so obsessed with your own life, that the idea of comparing yourself to a stranger on social media seems laughable. Envision yourself, completely aligned with the woman you know you’re meant to be: dressing like her, doing business like her, earning income like her, attracting dream opportunities like her. Imagine reclaiming your time, owning your day, and truly, finally, stepping into your power as a successful business woman.

I can vividly recall fantasizing about the life I have right now. Just a few years ago, sitting under the fluorescent-lit cubicle at my day job, I desperately dreamed of walking into The Plaza Hotel, placing my jumbo black caviar leather Chanel purse on the seat next to me, and ordering a lobster salad and a glass of Veuve Clicquot. In my mind, I would open my brand new rose gold Mac air book, log into my email, and read countless emails from women whose lives I had touched. While sipping my crisp, ice-cold glass of bubbly, I’d sign on new coaching clients, field emails from my book editor, and make plans for that evening to try that hot new restaurant that had just opened. Some days I’d fantasize about flying first-class from New York to London to meet with my U.K. publisher to go do press for my new book. Some days I’d imagine spending an entire afternoon in my fluffy, white bath robe, with jazz pumping through my gorgeous New York City apartment, simply deciding that the day would be better spent leisurely relaxing in bed, because that’s what I craved energetically.

I get chills as I write this all, because every single thing in that visualization came true. And it continues to come true. This is my new standard of living.

But it took time. And faith. And confidence. And sneaking into Facebook groups when my co-workers weren’t looking, and asking millions of questions to other women entrepreneurs who were 10 steps ahead of me. And spending my last dollars to pay for coaching courses because I knew the power of personal development if I was ever gonna get the hell out of that reality and craft my new one. And using my own knowledge as a life coach to work through my own bullshit and master my own mind.

Here’s the thing: I always knew, deep down, that I was meant for more. I knew I had great business ideas. I knew how to write blogs and post on social media. I knew how to life coach. And what I didn’t know, I could hire someone to do (God bless the graphic designers of the world!) So why wasn’t I fully embodying everything I wanted in my life? Why couldn’t I pull the trigger on my dreams and live without fear? Why couldn’t I fully be the woman I wanted to be?

It wasn’t another webinar on marketing strategies or a sales script that I needed. I needed a way to eradicate those dream-slaughtering beliefs continually crept into the back of my mind. Those scary “adult” voices of parents and accountants warning against fantasy worlds and urging me to cling to any old boring job simply because it offered a retirement plan. I had to get over the fear of hearing “Who does she think she is?” from every mean girl I’d ever met. And I had to learn to overcome the biggest bully of all – myself.

Through my extensive training and education as a life coach, my immersion in the positive psychology and optimal living world, and my experience and success as a bestselling personal development author, I was able to completely transform my own life. I created and implemented my own powerful mindset shifts, custom strategies, and actionable steps to raise my vibration and program my mind for success.

I am now a bestselling author of 7 personal development books, the host of a top-rated podcast with over 1.5 million downloads in under a year, a high-earning life coach with clients around the world, and a woman who is so incredibly fulfilled and excited about every single day. I have built a global brand that has been recognized not only by my readers and clients, but by major media corporations like Success magazine,, Glamour, Marie Claire, The Daily Mail, Vibe, Cosmo, Shape, and so many others. And I’m no longer under those fluorescent lights!

I have gone on to help thousands of other women transform their lives and businesses. And I would be thrilled to help you do the same.

It may be leaving your day job. It may be getting to the next level in your business. It may be ascending to the most exquisite version of yourself so that you can show up in the world and finally do what you are meant to do. It may be upgrading your life and deciding you are no longer available for struggle. You will decide what success looks like for you. Together, we’ll work through my proven processes and style your mind to make it all happen.


“Your ideal self is completely attainable. Becoming a successful business woman is possible for everyone. You have the power to achieve all of your goals, create the energetic boundaries required for your success, and command respect from your clients and peers.”

– Cara Alwill Leyba





After spending a decade in the self-help space, both personally and professionally, I noticed one resounding theme: lots of very excited, passionate women losing their zest for entrepreneurship just as quickly as they found it.

Year after year, I’d meet new business women at networking events, in my social circles, through coaching masterminds and on social media who were frustrated. They’d invested thousands of dollars with business coaches and self-proclaimed “gurus” who promised blueprints to success. They were overdosing on webinars, books, and very expensive seminars hoping to find a one-size-fits-all approach to business. And none of it was working long-term, nor did it feel natural or authentic to them, because there is no one-size-fits-all blueprint for success. They were overwhelmed and uninspired, and losing hope fast.

These women knew the importance of nurturing their business, but they were missing one incredibly important piece of the puzzle: mastering their own mindset.

And I’m not just talking about reading The Secret, or following some inspiring people online, or listening to a podcast about affirmations. The work required to build a solid understanding of yourself in the role of an entrepreneur is intense. And without a solid understanding of who you are in this brave new world of business, you’ll find it nearly impossible to overcome the inevitable challenges in your business, grit through difficult times, make confident decisions, and achieve long-term success. This kind of mastery takes dedication to self-awareness and the tools to practice it daily. It takes the guidance and mentoring from a professional woman who has been there herself, and helped thousands of other women through it as well.

I created Style Your Mind for Success for female entrepreneurs who want to increase their energetic vibration, build their confidence, get crystal clear on their vision, and become success magnets.  As a certified master life coach and bestselling personal development author, I know one thing to be true: Your business will only thrive if you do.


“When you invite better things into your life, you immediately shift. Everything feels elevated. Abundance begins to flow to you. The way you treat yourself is a conversation with the universe.”

– Cara Alwill Leyba


I have worked with countless women through my books, courses, and private coaching programs over the years to help them elevate their thoughts, upgrade their standards, and renew their sense of self. My clients have shifted from feeling low-energy, overwhelmed, and confused, to feeling razor-sharp, aligned, and filled with joy for their lives and businesses. They have grown the same way I have. They continue to level up the same way I do, every day.

I am obsessed with helping women transform their businesses by elevating their thoughts and upgrading their lives.


“I came to Cara at a transitional point in my life/career, overwhelmed and uncertain. She helped me clarify and set goals based on my values and the future me I wanted to become. More importantly, she taught me how to a apply an effervescent lens to all of my decision making. Beyond thankful for Cara teaching me how to step into my greatness!”

– Britnie Kaplan, Networking Marketing Mentor + Younique Black Status Presenter


“I completed 2 group-coaching sessions with Cara as well as private mentorship. I had no idea at the time what a life coach was or what Cara was going to do for me. But during those couple of years working 1 on 1 with her, life for me changed dramatically. I broke down walls that had been holding me back from reaching new goals. I learned how to mend myself on the inside so that I could forgive others around me. I felt the strength and support from Cara to really identify what I wanted to do next and how I could pay it forward to women as she had been doing for me. I completely shifted my focus of my business to mirror what was my true passion and calling. Working with Cara was the best investment that I could have made in my business at a time when I didn’t think that I could financially make it happen. Today I am grateful to have Cara as a mentor and friend.”

– Brittnae Giesau, Health + Fitness Coach





◈ You’re still not experiencing the success you desire in your business 

◈ You spend a lot of time in your head and not enough time actually doing the things you want to do

◈ You spend way too much time online comparing yourself to everyone in your industry (obsessively stalking their IG stories and scouring their websites for "research")

◈ You don’t feel successful

◈ You’re afraid to ask for sales and you aren’t making the money you want to make

◈ You desperately want to live your passion, feel in flow, and do what you love with certainty

◈ You feel unorganized and overwhelmed in your life and business

◈ You don’t really know who you are as a business woman (you find yourself trying to emulate other women’s business style)

◈ Your inner circle doesn’t really “get” what you do (most people think you play on Facebook all day or your side hustle is a hobby)

◈ You often feel guilty for putting yourself first

◈ You don’t feel powerful





◈ Get crystal clear on your vision for your business. You will paint a picture so clear that you will not be able to go on another day choosing fear over faith

◈ Understand the power of confidence and show you how to cultivate it in every moment

◈ Re-frame the concept of failure and learn how to make it work for you

◈ Create an energetic outline for your life so that you can serve yourself and your clients better

◈ Decide the woman you want to be and embody her fully

◈ Curate your circle both online and offline so that you are completely supported

◈ Redefine success on your own terms

◈ Establish and implement success rituals and powerful ways of living every day





◈ 7 on-demand training modules to cultivate and sharpen your business mindset delivered via audio recordings and a guided digital workbook (all never-before released content!) to keep forever.

◈ 3 LIVE motivational + informational group coaching calls with me with opportunity for Q&A. Calls will be recorded and sent to you to keep forever.

◈ Access to my Style Your Mind for Success private Facebook community for masterclass students only (intimate and intentional, not as much noise as my other groups).

◈ Access to me as your personal coach.

◈ My personal custom exercises, strategies, affirmations and proven processes that I have designed over the years to gain clarity and confidence in business. High-level tools to raise your vibration, release negative thought patterns, and program your mind for success.

◈ Bonus content including tip sheets for social media etiquette, professionalism, networking and more.

◈ Lifetime access to all content.


"See yourself living in a world where you can't wipe the smile off your face and there's always a reason to pop a bottle of champagne. See yourself living in a world where you know the only person who can give you that feeling is you."

- Cara Alwill Leyba





Module One


The first step to making any real change in our lives and our businesses is to change our energy. Our energy, or vibration, is the frequency we put out into the world that determines the quality of our experiences. Getting in a high vibe is the quickest way to supercharge your soul and skyrocket your success. We cannot create quality content from a low vibration. In week one, I will help you identify what is, and what is not serving you, raise your frequency, and create your energetic outline for your success.


Module Two


The kind of woman you are will determine the kind of people you work with. In order to work with high-quality people, you must be sure you are a high-quality woman. Even if you’ve been in business for a while and achieved some success, it’s always helpful to revisit the vision for who you are. Where can you upgrade? What can you release? During week two, I will help you paint a clear picture of the woman you want to be, and make sure you are aligning your actions with that vision. You will learn the Power of the Personal Upgrade, understand how to confidently ask for what you want, and establish your worth.


Module Three


Without a clear vision of how you want your business to look and feel, it’s impossible to stay focused and achieve success. Some of the most successful people in the world, especially professional athletes, use this form of mental preparation to achieve their most high-reaching goals. In week three, I will guide you to establish a multisensory visualization ritual, understand the difference between visualization and chasing, create powerful affirmations for success, and more. This module is an intensely powerful tool for success and will catapult you into an entirely new level in your business. You will paint a picture so clear that you simply won't be able to go on any longer choosing faith over fear.


Module Four


Getting in the right mindset for success requires a deep and honest look at who you are spending your time with. You don’t necessarily need to be surrounded by other entrepreneurs, but you do need to be surrounded by quality people in order to stay focused, positive, and feel supported. Your social media world needs curation as well. In week four, we’ll do a serious clean-up of your circle, both on and offline, and I’ll help you cultivate the confidence needed to set clear boundaries in your life and your business. We’re saying BYE! to Negative Nancy’s, crazy ex-boyfriends, soul-sucking clients, and depressing people online.


Module Five


I’ve never met a business woman who hasn’t felt stuck at some point in her career. Funks are a part of the process. It’s normal to feel confused, lost, or uninspired in our work, but remember, they don’t serve champagne at pity parties! The absolute worst thing you can do when you feel blocked is worry about feeling blocked. The more stress we add to a situation, the worse we feel, and the longer it takes us to become unstuck. During week four, I will help you quickly uncover the reason why you are feeling stuck, and move through it with rapid speed by offering powerful mindset shifts and exercises to get out of your head and into immediate inspired action. As Barbara Corcoran says, “The difference between successful people and others is how long they spend feeling sorry for themselves.”


Module Six


In order to confidently build your empire, you’ll need to truly step into your power. This means: releasing past failures, redefining success on your own terms, learning how to embody your authentic self, and getting past the fear of what other people say or think about you. Week six is all about checking your f*cks at the door and boldly being you! I am teaching you one of my most powerful secrets to handling failure like a boss. Hang on tight, sister, because after this module you will truly be unstoppable.


Module Seven


There are many common threads between successful women. Some swear by waking up at 4:00 AM, while others can’t live without their nightly bubble bath. Some need to work out daily, while others prefer to listen to their bodies and only exercise if they feel energized. The main thing all successful women have in common is that they are intentional about their time. During week seven, we’ll establish your personal success rituals and help you create routine and organization in your day.

Though I'll be your coach through this program and giving you all my personal success tools, the only way this program will work is if you show up for it. Here's what is required of you to get the most out of this experience.





◈ Release the idea that success is not for you

◈ Visualize and act without limitations

◈ Let go of comparison and envy (get ready to seriously limit your mindless Facebook scrolling!)

◈ Challenge yourself to step up and become the woman you are meant to be

◈ Show up fully for each call and each module with an open mind and open heart




One-time payment of $997





Style Your Mind for Success officially kicks off Monday, April 30. That day, you will receive an email with all modules, including audio mp3’s and workbook, bonus content, a link to the private Facebook page, and the call-in information. Our coaching calls will happen on Tuesday, May 1, Wednesday May 2, and Friday May 4. Calls will happen at 12 PM ET and will be recorded and sent to you afterward.

Each live call will have an opportunity for Q&A. You’ll have a chance to submit questions via email beginning Monday April 30, and your question may be featured on any one of the 3 calls.

I will be active in our Facebook group daily during our Power Week from April 30 through Friday May 4, responding to your questions and checking in on you to get you started and set up for success. The Facebook group will remain open indefinitely and available to current and future Style Your Mind for success members only. This space will be a powerful place to connect with other students going through the program. I’ll be popping in from time to time for surprise Q&A’s and to share inspiration and motivation!

You will have lifetime access to all content, including call recordings, the on-demand audio content (which will be slightly different and more in-depth than the live calls), and the guided workbook and assignments.





Upon sign up, you will receive a confirmation that you have successfully been added to the masterclass. You will not receive any of your content yet. On Monday, April 30, you will receive an email with all modules, including audio mp3’s and workbook, bonus content, a link to the private Facebook page, and the call-in information. Please be sure to check your spam and junk folders if you do not see this email by 5 PM ET on Monday April 30. If you do not receive an email, please email us at and someone from our team will make sure you get everything you need. All Facebook approvals will happen Monday, April 30, so please be sure to send your request promptly so we can get you in the group and you can meet the other ladies!


I hope I get to meet you in the Style Your Mind for Success Masterclass! If you can't join us, I hope you continue to get valuable information from my free podcasts, blog posts, social media posts, and newsletter. Be sure to add your name to my list on my main page so we can stay connected.

And if you are enrolling now, I will see you very soon!


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