Growing up as a little girl, I idolized my grandmother. Her platinum blonde hair was always coiffed to perfection, her home was immaculate, with white eyelet bedding and dramatic drapes, and she loved her costume jewelry collection. When I think of my grandma (or Nanny, as we called her), I think of a glamorous, charming, confident goddess. The woman took everything she wanted with a smile and was loved by all.

Nanny has inspired me to tap into my own femininity throughout the years, always adding a pop of glamour to an outfit, seeing nothing wrong with wearing jewelry to the pool, and dressing up because EVERY day is worth dressing up. I mean, you never know who you’ll meet on the street, right? On a recent Miami trip, I brought a lot of my personal vintage jewelry collection, all inspired by my grandmother. In fact, I love vintage costume jewelry so much that I decided to curate an online boutique called Dagmar Rose Vintage, appropriately named after her. I styled every single outfit with unique pieces that make me feel beautiful. Whether I was going to dinner, lounging poolside, or spending a hot afternoon shopping at the mall (confession: I am so not a beach girl), I was sure to carefully style every look so that I felt my best. And it made all the difference in the world.

Here’s a peek at my afternoon shopping look. Comfy, but chic flats, vintage Chanel earrings, a bold floral top, and of course, dramatic sunnies…


Here’s some poolside glam for you (and can we all take a moment to appreciate that gorgeous man in the background as well!?)


One of my favorite pairs of vintage earrings. Total beach glam vibes. Don’t worry, I’m currently hunting down another pair to sell at Dagmar Rose.


The way we treat ourselves impacts every single area of our lives. For me, dressing up and feeling beautiful inspires me to do beautiful things for myself. On my last night in Miami, I was alone, but rather than stay in my hotel room, I took myself to the Four Seasons and enjoyed a breathtaking sunset dinner by myself. I dressed up, ordered the best champagne on the menu, and allowed myself to process my trip while enjoying a delicious and elegant meal. It was absolute perfection.


And you don’t need to be on vacation or in a gorgeous location to look and feel your best. I work from home, and I make sure I am very intentional about the way I dress each day. It’s easy to stay in pajamas or sweatpants, but that does nothing to raise my vibe or inspire me. I need to feel on when I’m creating content, working with clients, curating the Dagmar Rose collection, or writing my books. In order to channel my best self, I aim to wear beautiful, but comfortable attire, like this leopard Natori robe (check out their loungewear, it’s the best) over a pair of black leggings and a black tank. I even pick out at least one piece of jewelry to wear at home so I feel like I’m actually dressing up for the day.


Beyond my outfit, I make sure I spritz myself with perfume every day after my shower, even if nobody else is there to appreciate it. I am, and that’s enough! My go-to scent lately is Chanel Mademoiselle. It smells absolutely divine. I keep my Chanel Hydra Beauty mist on my desk and spritz my face throughout the day to keep a healthy glow. All of these little things really add up and help me feel fabulous.


Remember: Dress how you want to be addressed. Dress to make yourself happy. Dress to express to the world who you are.

Becoming the woman you want to be requires effort and intention. Show up for yourself in every way. You deserve it!

And never underestimate the power of a little glamour.


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Hi gorgeous!

It’s a brand new week and another chance to truly become The Woman You Want to Be (get ready for more of that title…hint hint!) Have you ever noticed that something incredible clicks when we decide to upgrade our lives and intentionally choose the woman we want to be? When we step into our power and give ourselves the things we deserve?

Something major shifts within us when we decide to upgrade our lives. Whether it’s moving into a new home, or something as simple as refreshing your wardrobe, there is power in your personal upgrade When you invite better things into your life, you immediately shift. Everything feels elevated. Abundance begins to flow to you. The way you treat yourself is a conversation with the universe.

What areas of your life can be upgraded?

Do you need to refresh your makeup? We all have that old pressed powder that is does nothing for us any longer except make us break out.

Does your home need to be redecorated to support your success? Do you need to clear the clutter off your desk so you can be more focused?

Do you need a few key wardrobe staples to make you feel more confident for your next meeting?

Do you need to clean out your pantry and get rid of those snacks that keep you feeling low energy?

What areas of your business can be upgraded?

Do you need a professional photo shoot?

Does your website need updating?

All of these questions and so much more can be found inside Style Your Mind for Success, my workbook for female entrepreneurs, available now on Amazon (click here to grab yours!)

This excerpt, in particular, is taken from the chapter titled THE WOMAN YOU WANT TO BE (my personal favorite). Give it a whirl and let me know how this book changes you!

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Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of speaking at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, the largest women’s conference in the United States. There were 13,000 women in attendance, and Elizabeth Gilbert led the charge as the keynote speaker. What. A. Day!

I spoke on a panel about personal branding, and how to have control over the way people perceive you at work. Many of the women in the audience were in corporate, and as I shared my story of transitioning from my corporate job at MTV into full-time entrepreneurship, it reminded me how critical it is to begin branding yourself through that transition to entrepreneurship right now…not just when you arrive at your dream job.

In fact, your personal brand travels with you through life no matter what you’re doing for work. It’s something that will evolve, and something that requires a daily commitment.

A few of my favorite tips for creating your personal brand involve doing what I call an “audit of your digital footprint” to see how you show up online. Do you have an old Twitter account you haven’t used since 2009? It’s time to delete that. Old photos on your Facebook of you doing shots in Cancun in 2011? Probably best to take those down. And on the flipside, what can you add to your online profiles to help the world see you in the way you want to be seen?

It’s also super important to think about how you want people to perceive you and ask yourself if you’re acting in alignment with that. Have you ever taken the time to write down your vision for your personal brand? Do you think about your personal brand when you wake up in the morning and get dressed? Or when you interact with someone at Starbucks? All of these things count.

Actively building my brand has been a 10-year journey and I feel like I am just getting started! There are key things you can do to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward in the world, and I am really excited to share all of those tips and strategies in my new masterclass, Passionistas Who Profit.

In this dynamic power program, we’ll dive into what it takes to slay your side hustle, leave your day job, and really make an impact as a female entrepreneur.

We kick off this coming Thursday, December 13. I have a few spots left and I would love to work with you! Check out all the details here. 

And if you can’t make the masterclass, check out my latest podcast episode where I share many of these tips + more. You can listen to episode 123 of Style Your Mind on iTunes or Stitcher, or here.

In the meantime you can catch me living my brand, one sip of champagne at at time!

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There’s so much talk about morning routines these days, it seems like if you aren’t waking up at 4:45 AM, triple cleansing your skin, and writing 27 pages in your journal, you’re failing at life. And as much as I’m all for living your best life, I have to inject myself into this conversation, because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the way we start our day. What makes me feel good in the early hours of the day may be completely different than what works for you. And if I allow one more “expert” to shame us into thinking there is something wrong with waking up while the sun is out, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I know – I’m being a bit dramatic – but if you knew the amount of women who stress themselves sick over not meditating in the dark for an hour before rushing off to work, you’d understand my mission.

We live in a society that loves to stuff us all into boxes. “The early bird catches the worm!” has been burned into our exhausted brains for decades, and if you work a traditional job or you ever went to school a day in your life, you know that life really does begin before 8 AM. But what if you just aren’t hard-wired to catch worms the second your eyeballs open? What if your body physically needs to sleep in, or you just aren’t feeling those damn journaling exercises before you’ve had a few hours to assimilate into life again?

I’m here to tell you: it’s okay.

Let’s talk wake-up times, shall we? Research has proven that not every body can actually wake up at 5 am. Don’t believe me? Just read this article right here. Sleep schedules are super personal, so if you’ve been trying to force yourself to bed at 9 PM and get up before the sun to no avail, don’t panic. Many people fall into the sleep cycle of hitting the pillow by 11 PM and waking up at 7 AM. But a whopping 40% of the population does not naturally fit this schedule. If you’re one of those people who have tried it all but just can’t get to sleep before 1 AM, cut yourself some slack. You’re totally normal. Science says so! If you work a 9-5, this can be challenging (and I hope you like coffee), but if you’re fortunate enough to work from home, or run your own business, it’s time to stop setting the alarm and let your body do it’s thing. I have been waking up without an alarm…*gasp*…around 7 or 8 AM for years. Some days it’s earlier, some days it’s later. There is no schedule! And I still manage to be a successful, productive member of society. Shocking, I know. And let me tell you, I’ve never felt more energized. Our bodies are capable of a lot more than we think. Maybe it’s time we left them alone?

You can read countless articles, books, and collect strategies from the likes of Arianna Huffington and every other CEO under the sun about how to start your morning. Some women swear by 30 minutes of exercises before starting their work day. Others are fans of tackling emails or reading personal development books. I personally use my morning time for what I call, creative exploration. I catch up on articles on Coveteur, plan outfits on Pinterest, drink copious amounts of coffee, listen to jazz, write if I’m in the mood, and really just chill. I do spend some time in my journal, typically about 5-10 minutes to set my intentions for the day. Some mornings, I totally forget, or I’m just not feeling it. So I don’t do it. The important thing here is that I listen to what I need that day. Some mornings I do crave fresh air so after a few cups of coffee I’ll go out for a power walk. Other mornings, you can find me in my pajamas glued to my computer until 11 am. Bottom line is? I do what feels good.

No matter what your morning looks like, there is one thing most successful women do have in common: they are intentional with their time. They are taking control of their own lives and doing the things that energize them. We all know the saying, “You either run the day or the day runs you.” Try to run your morning. Whether it’s at 4:45 am or 10. And don’t get too caught up what everyone else is doing. There’s enough time for all that. You should be able to have a cup of coffee in peace. With, or without the sun.

Shop my favorite morning routine items below! From my favorite espresso maker, to my Louis Vuitton journal (pre-loved is the way to go!), to my fave beauty items, here are my go-to products that I wake up with:


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