I am so excited to announce THE GIRL ON FIRE MASTERMIND!

A high-level supportive circle for ambitious women who are ready to choose themselves.

I’m looking for 10 driven powerhouses who are ready to band together in sisterhood to blow the doors off their lives and their businesses in 2020.

Self-starting women who are craving dedicated, intensive, loving and raw support of like-minded souls.

Women who are ready to work DIRECTLY with me to cut through their own bullshit and blaze a new trail.

Women who know what they need to do, but desire the support, accountability, and brainstorming to make it happen.

Is this you?


Note: you do not need to be an entrepreneur for this experience! This is open to all women.

What to expect:

We will meet weekly, on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM ET SHARP, beginning January 15th for 8 weeks on a series of 8 LIVE group mastermind calls.

You will set your own goals during the course of our work together, and I will hold you accountable to all of them. Each call will feature live coaching with me, motivation, personal check-ins, and Q&A. I can’t stress enough that this program is for self-starting women who are ready to decide what they want and go get it. We will be focusing mainly on creating goals and activating our most powerful mindsets to push past our blocks and maximize our potential.

Consider this a space where you can share your wildest fantasies – without judgment – and receive the support to start making them your reality.

We’ll be dreaming, but we’ll also be working, hard and fast. This experience is not for the woman who makes excuses or says she does not have enough time.


What you’ll get:
  • 8 live group coaching/mastermind calls where I will coach you, brainstorm with you, and answer all your questions. These calls will be recorded and sent to you so you can keep them forever. Calls will last approximately 60-90 minutes.
  • 1 30-minute private coaching call where we’ll laser in one specific challenge in your life or business.
  • A special private Facebook group to stay connected to your mastermind sisters, ask me questions, and receive and provide support to one another.
  • A 1-year all-access pass to the Style Your Mind Academy, Cara’s brand new monthly coaching membership, launching in 2020!


Live call schedule:

Wednesday January 15th – 7 PM ET

Wednesday January 22nd – 7 PM ET

Wednesday January 29th – 7 PM ET

Wednesday February 5th – 7 PM ET

Wednesday February 12th – 7 PM ET

Wednesday February 19th – 7 PM ET

Wednesday February 26th – 7 PM ET

Wednesday March 4th – 7 PM ET

All calls will begin at 7 PM ET sharp. Participation is strongly suggested for the live calls to make the most of this experience. If you need to miss a call, I ask that you check into the Facebook group with your weekly update.


Client Testimonials


“Working with Cara was one of the best experiences of my life and career. After having hit multiple 6-figures in my business, I kept wondering why things still felt “off” or “difficult.” I *should* have been on top of the world…but I wasn’t. I had no inspiration for writing social media/email content, I was constantly worried about reaching my end of year goals, and the pressures of having a perfect, well-known personal brand were looming over my head. That’s why I decided to work with Cara–as both a Business Mentor & Life Coach. During our time together, she helped me go from frustrated and burnt out, to confident and carefree. Content comes so much easier now and I stopped caring what other people thought about my business. I only create from a place of excitement and fun…and the pressure to be “perfect” is definitely gone. If you’re someone trying to balance business with mindset, you need Cara. Don’t wait another minute.”

Rachel Spencer, Business Coach & Strategist


“Ladies treat yourself to Cara’s Mastermind before it’s sold out, because it will!! I have participated in a few of Cara’s coaching programs including one-on-one private coaching, as well as another Mastermind. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Her energy, coaching and passion for helping other women in life and business is so rewarding and refreshing and will definitely motivate you to your next level! Love this woman and everything she produces!”

– Katrina Haggar Smith


“I just started 1 on 1 coaching with Cara and she helped me more in 2 calls vs. anyone else! I am sooooo grateful and glad I decided to work with her and she wants to work with me too. And she’s not kidding when she says ask her anything…so take advantage of her vast knowledge and authentic advice!”

Melinda Van Fleet, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, and Podcast Host


Investment: $2500


Please note: I’m taking 10 women only into this group, due to the high-touch nature of this experience. So if you’re thinking about joining us, I wouldn’t wait. Serious applicants only. Please email Cara@TheChampagneDiet.com to receive an application. Applications will be responded to within 2 business days.




Q) Do I need to be an entrepreneur to take this mastermind?
A) Not at all. This experience is for any woman who is ready to feel more empowered, in control, and take action toward her goals.

Q) If I am an entrepreneur, do I need to be at a certain level in my business to take this mastermind?
A) No! All levels welcome. Whether you’re just about to launch your biz, stepping into your first job, or a seasoned pro who needs a boost, this experience will benefit you. I just ask that you are motivated, driven, and ready to take massive action!

Q) Do I need to be able to be on each call to get the most out of this?
A) Call participation is strongly encouraged to get the most out of this experience for yourself, and to support the other women. However, things come up, so if you can’t make one of the live calls, I ask that you please let me know in advance and share your weekly update within the Facebook group.

Q) How long will the Facebook group access last?
A) The group will remain open indefinitely, but Cara will be active in the group during the 8 weeks of this mastermind.


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I don’t know about you, but I have spent a lot of time thinking about my past. Ruminating over situations where I could have done things differently, obsessing over why I didn’t do things sooner, wishing I could have said something different. And do you know where that’s gotten me? Absolutely nowhere.

I love the mantra, “Control the controllable” because it reminds me that worrying about the past, or things no longer in our hands, is a big fat waste of time. Right now, I want you to promise me that you will stop focusing on what’s behind you, and instead, use that beautiful energy to create the future you want.

Every single thing you do today is weaving you into the woman you want to be tomorrow.

Every single thought you think is shaping your future self. Every single action you take is setting up the world around you to either support you, or sabotage you. You have complete control over the way you want your next chapter to look. Of course, we can’t control all things, but we can control who we are, and how we handle them.

Here’s a great exercise you can do right now to get busy serving your future, not your past. Grab a notebook and answer the following questions:

Who is the woman I want to be?

What are the goals I’d love to accomplish within the next 3-6 months?

What are the habits that have held me back in the past?

What are the new habits that can help move me forward?

What can I let go of?

What can I be excited about?

Create a personal power mantra to remind yourself of who you are becoming.

I hope these questions help you realize that you are beautiful, whole, and deserving of an amazing life. Your past is gone, your mistakes are simply experiences, and your future is waiting for you. What’s done is done, but the good news is, you get to write your next chapter in a way that serves you. It’s time to pick up that pen.


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I want you to think about a dream you have that feels a little too big for you right now. For example, while I was waiting for a publisher to pick up my book, I didn’t feel like an author. I thought being chosen would give me that feeling. I didn’t even realize I had the ability to crown myself as an author all along. Nobody had more power to give myself that title, than myself. I talk a lot about the importance of choosing yourself in business. But before you can be fully comfortable choosing yourself, we need to work on banishing the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Let’s start by breaking down some of the limiting beliefs that hold us back.

I’m not good enough. In my experience, this is the number one reason women hold themselves back. They’re convinced that they aren’t good enough, fit enough, smart enough, or skilled enough to do what they want to do. The truth is, there are people out there with less talent, and less experience than you, crushing it. Why? Because they decided to start. You get better as time goes on. Acquire the basic skills you need to get started on your path with some level of confidence, and then let go of the “perfectionist mindset” and get to work.

It’s not the right time. Zig Ziglar once said, “If you wait for all the lights to turn green, you’ll never leave your driveway.” There is never a “perfect” time to begin any new adventure. You become more and more equipped for the journey while you’re on it. That’s where you pick up speed. If I had waited until I felt the time was “right” to self-publish, I would not be here today, writing my 9th book. If I had waited for permission from a publisher to write my book, I’d never have written anything at all. Whenever I tell someone I’ve already published 8 books, I’m met with an audible gasp and a “OMG! How did you do that?” I started. That’s it. Simply put – I did the work. The best way to dismantle the belief that it’s “not the right time” is to set a goal with a timeline for yourself. For example, “I will start promoting my new business by X date” – and then stick to it. Hold yourself accountable to your goal and know that there will never be a better time than right now.

What if I fail? I want you to think about a woman out there who is killing it right now in her business – someone who inspires you daily. Imagine if she never got started because she was afraid she might fail? My dear friend Noa often reminds me to stop thinking thoughts that scare me. We can choose to focus on all the things that can go wrong, but what if we started to imagine everything that could go right? Life changes when we let optimism rule.I  was chatting with one of the riders in my spin class the other day. She’s a comedian and she really wants to write a book about her life. I asked her what’s stopping her, and she said she keeps asking herself, “Who am I to write a book?” I asked her if she had stories to tell. She said yes. Then I told her, “Great! You’re an author. Now start writing.”

The fastest way to plow through self-doubt is with action. When I struggled with writer’s block, I sat down at the computer every day and wrote anyway – even if it sucked and I wound up re-writing it all. When I worried if my best work was in my past, I moved forward regardless and kept creating new work. Despite my fears, I am an author. I crowned myself years ago, and I remind myself of my power daily.

What is one action step you can take today to get closer to your dreams? How can you start to move forward? Who would you be if you took those steps?

Remember: nobody holds the power to grant you permission to create the world you want for yourself. Nobody is coming to save you, to crown you, or to push you toward it all.
It’s on you babe. That’s probably the most overwhelming, but liberating fact of them all.

Now get to work.

With love and movement,


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I’m thrilled to announce I am now enrolling new clients into my private coaching + business strategy program, for ambitious women who are ready to step into their next level.

Imagine waking up every day, feeling absolutely certain that you are about to do your best work. Imagine being so obsessed with your own life, that the idea of comparing yourself to a stranger on social media seems laughable.

Envision yourself, completely aligned with the woman you know you’re meant to be: thinking like her, doing business like her, earning income like her, dressing like her, attracting dream opportunities like her.

Imagine reclaiming your time, owning your day, and truly, finally, stepping into your power as a successful business woman. On your own terms.



Knows exactly what she wants and is ready to choose herself

Wants to raise her profile and become known as a leader in her industry

Is done doubting herself, and knows she’s meant to step into her next level

Is driven and motivated, but craves support and high-level business expertise to reach her full potential

Is a self-starter, but wants an experienced business mentor to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with



During our time together, we will:

Get laser focused on raising your vibe.

Work together to supercharge your content and position you as an expert.

Revisit your personal brand + mission statement to help tell your story + attract the clients, press, and energy you desire.

Amp up your mindset and create empowering thoughts that support the high vibe version of you.

Redefine success on your own terms.

Create actionable weekly goals that align with your vision for your life + work.

Create an energetic outline for your life so that you can show up fully.

Truly decide the woman you want to be and embody her completely.

Get over the concept of failure and utilize those experiences to evolve.

Establish and implement success rituals and powerful ways of living every day.



I work with all kinds of professional women including doctors, retail business owners, attorneys, coaches, creative entrepreneurs, authors, network marketers, corporate professionals, real estate professionals, brick and mortar store owners, fashion entrepreneurs, and more.


Some of the things I’ve worked with my clients on include:

Content audit + edits (this could be me helping you revise your bio, sales pages, blog posts, etc.)

Communication skills + having difficult business conversations

Launching podcasts

Self-publishing books

Negotiating for higher rates + raises

Eradicating fear-based mindsets

Truly understanding their worth and acting accordingly

Social media audit + strategy

Creating health + wellness routines to support their life + business

Brainstorming new business ideas



1, 45-minute check in call per week, for 12 weeks total

Unlimited email support + accountability for 12 weeks total

Investment: $6500

Payment plans are available

My exclusive private coaching + business strategy program runs for 3 months, and includes 1 call per week, lasting 45 minutes each. You will also have unlimited email access to me during our time together. You can email me anytime you want, every single day if you wish. Consider this your ALL ACCESS PASS to my brain and energy.

Please email me directly at Cara@TheChampagneDiet.com to apply.


My Coaching Education + Credentials:

I hold several certifications in coaching, all earned between 2012-2013 at the ICF-accredited World Coach Institute including CPC (Certified Professional Coach), CLC (Certified Life Coach), CWC (Certified Wellness Coach), and CCMC (Certified Coach Master Class).

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