With “Dry January” upon us, and many people recovering from overindulging this holiday season, I thought it would be a good idea to resurrect this post from 2016. I am once again taking a break from alcohol. I don’t have any hard rules around it, but I know I need a time out to get my mind and body in check. If you are considering the same, or even just exploring your relationship with it, then this post may be for you…

When I moved out on my own after my big breakup in 2008, I had a bit of a rebirth (read: I went fucking crazy). And by fucking crazy, I mean embracing a newfound freedom to be myself, understand myself, and love myself. I spent age 21-28 in the throes of a serious, committed, often toxic relationship, so you can imagine there were some wild oats to sew as I was rapidly approaching 30 as a newly single woman in New York City.

I began sewing those oats by spending night after night with my girlfriends in my tiny little Brooklyn apartment. The apartment that was all mine. My besties and I spent hours recounting my breakup, going over every single detail, every single email, and every single text; you know, the stuff girlfriends do together after something major goes down with a guy. As painful and confusing as that time was, I knew one thing: I was going to be alright. I had great friends who knew how to make me laugh my ass off through my tears, and I am forever grateful to the ones who showed up when I needed them most. Aside from my girlfriends, one very special companion was by my side during these intimate nights of overanalyzation, laughter, and tears. Her name was wine.

Prior to my breakup, I really never drank on a regular basis. I never touched drugs. I wasn’t particularly wild. I wasn’t a prude either, but I knew how to keep my cool and never got into any big trouble. Party nights were reserved for bars, where we all wound up drunk on vodka cranberries (gross), and I didn’t drink again until the next time there was some sort of social outing. Wine with dinner wasn’t a thing. And wine home alone on the couch really wasn’t a thing. But as I embraced being a single girl in New York City, making relatively good money, my lifestyle began changing. Suddenly wild party nights were traded for amazing restaurants with phenomenal wine lists and four-hour long dinners. Rather than dealing with the singles scene in a dirty dive bar, I much preferred cocktails with girlfriends in a swanky hotel lounge or at someone’s apartment. And when my girlfriends weren’t around, I spent many nights curled up to Sex and the City with a bottle of Pinot Noir next to me. I mean, that’s what you do when you’re single and in New York, right?

Soon I was indulging in a glass — or three — of wine a few times a week. I didn’t think much of it, as I never really got drunk or felt hungover the next day. But I did notice one thing: I was thinking less about my ex, less about the breakup, and less about a lot of things. Wine soon became my numbing agent, helping me escape a shitty day at work, helping me sleep when my mind was racing at night, and helping me feel less alone in that tiny little Brooklyn apartment when my girlfriends weren’t around.

As the years went on, my relationship with wine did not waver. She was my trusty right-hand woman, helping me navigate all of life’s moments: traveling alone, toasting to a promotion, nursing a break-up, celebrating a new relationship, attending social functions, joining me on awkward first dates, and more. Wine represented many things to me: comfort, escape, reward, companionship, reliability, happiness, sadness, relief, the list goes on.

I’ve suffered from anxiety for much of my life. I’m not quite sure when it began, but I can vividly recall many situations where I felt shortness of breath, pins and needles, and mind racing panic. Most of these situations were brought on by things like flying, overthinking, or for no clear reason at all. But with wine, the anxiety seemed to lessen. I could suddenly fly to another country by myself. I could feel more at ease in a social situation where I might have felt uptight in the past. Wine went from being a fun treat, to being my “shut off” and my way to cope with dis-ease.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that wine was also shutting off parts of me that shouldn’t have been shut off. My passion, my creativity, and my high energy were all being muted as well.

I knew in the back of my mind that my relationship with wine was changing — and it was different than most people’s. I knew it wasn’t healthy to walk into a party or event and immediately scour the room for the nearest glass of something. I knew it wasn’t healthy to routinely pour myself a glass of wine before calling a car service to go to dinner, only to drink more wine. I knew it wasn’t healthy to book my flights in the afternoon to ensure the airport bar would be open.

I also knew that the momentary relief I was getting from drinking wasn’t worth the way I felt afterwards. I can’t think of anything more miserable than a hangover, or the emptiness and depression you feel after a night of drinking. I started coming to the realization that I wanted to cut back on drinking, but I honestly wasn’t sure I was capable. I truly thought I needed it. Keyword there: thought. As a master life coach, I also know how powerful our minds are, so I began trying to “think” I didn’t need it as much as I had convinced myself. This was a process.

I thought long and hard for a while about whether or not I thought I had a “problem” with alcohol. And after much research and consideration, I realized I did not have a problem in the traditional sense. I didn’t need AA. I didn’t need to never drink again. I just did not like the relationship I had formed with it, and that was reason enough for me to want to change.

There were other reasons, too, however. I knew that my relationship with wine was holding me back from my full potential in so many areas, like losing weight for example. Yes, a glass of champagne or wine is fine, in fact many studies suggest its actually healthy (and believe me, I was the first one to whip out those studies to prove that I was actually doing myself a favor by drinking each night!) That is what inspired The Champagne Diet blog in the first place. My innocent days of indulging in a glass of bubbly here or there instead of a fattening, sugary piece of cake for dessert were fine. But wine and champagne are only “healthy” when the reasons you’re drinking them are, and mine had become anything but. Drinking is fine, in most cases, in moderation. But what is moderation, anyway? Whatever it is, I wasn’t experiencing it.

There was a point where I got my diet down to such a science, I was working out hard 5 times a week, and the scale wasn’t budging. When you tack on a few glasses of wine per night, that’s on average, 300 additional calories you’re consuming per day (cause come on, let’s be real, I wasn’t stopping at 1 glass). And on top of that, your body prioritizes alcohol when burning off what you’ve ingested, so before you even process the rest of your food, your metabolism is working overtime to get rid of those empty, boozy calories. Even on the most structured weight loss plans, you’re surely giving up calories that you could be “spending” on a piece of fruit or some veggies, or any nutritious food, for that matter. Trading calories in for wine that literally does nothing for your system except make you tired and slow. Again, once a week or so? Probably fine. Every night? Not so fine.

Speaking of slow, have enough vino the night before, and chances are you’re brushing off your workout the next day more often than you’d prefer. Who wants to SoulCycle with a hangover? I’ve done it, it’s not fun. Who wants to do much of anything with that sluggish, unmotivated vibe that a night of drinking most certainly brings on? And if I’m totally honest here, SoulCycle did play a huge role in my desire to stop drinking. And I am so grateful for it. As I became more involved with my workouts, I realized that the real work involved is less about the physical and much more about the mental. And not drinking made me feel more present, more fit, and so much stronger in every way. You can read more about my SoulCycle journey here if you’re curious.

So how did I get here? How did I finally realize that me and wine needed a little space? I’m really not sure. I can’t really recall the series of events that led to me wanting to cut back significantly on drinking. There was no “a ha” moment where I announced to the world that I was changing. It was more of a slow burn. Boredom, mainly. When you allow yourself to indulge any time you want, it becomes less indulgent. And when indulgence ultimately makes you feel blah, you start getting over it. Maybe its also my age. Maybe I also found something more in my life that is worth being present for. Actually, I know that I did.

I also want to mention that I have not quit alcohol cold turkey. I changed my relationship status with wine on November 7th, 2015, and during the month of November I drank moderately about 4 times. During the month of December, I drank 3 times. And in January, I’ve drank once. And each time I did, I felt less and less connected to it. I only got “drunk” one of those nights, and the way I felt the next day just wasn’t worth it. The biggest accomplishment for me was not drinking on any of the holidays — especially New Years Eve. Instead, I celebrated on a bike at my SoulCycle class, had the best sleep of my life that night, and woke up and rode a 90 minute class on New Years Day. And I loved every second of it.

The benefits I’ve experienced from not drinking are endless:

  • I’ve lost 20 pounds in the past 2 months (combined w/eating healthy + working out)
  • I’m sleeping better than I have in years
  • I feel more at peace, I’m less anxious (how’s that for irony?)
  • I’m insanely productive
  • My SoulCycle rides are better than I ever imagined they’d be
  • My confidence has soared
  • I love getting dressed
  • My face looks so much prettier
  • I’m happy all the time. No, really. All the time.
  • I have more clarity
  • My skin glows
  • My business has soared and I am generating more income than ever before

The things I was afraid of (not sleeping well, feeling socially anxious) have actually become some of the best parts of not drinking. I sleep like a baby and I actually prefer going out and spending time with friends without a drink. Pellegrino in a beautiful wine glass with some lemon and lime is my new “mocktail” of choice.

Again, I want to stress that this is a very personal trade off. Not everyone feels the way I do after drinking, or, not drinking. I’m not sitting here on a high horse preaching anything to you other than my own personal experiences. I mean, let’s be real, about 3 months ago I was nearly peeling myself off the floor in Tokyo after 78 glasses of champagne. I am not better than anyone because I chose to take a break from drinking. I may even drink again more regularly. But for right now, this feels damn good. And why would I want to ruin that “buzz?”

I’m sure you’re thinking, but what about The Champagne Diet? Isn’t champagne your thing? The answer is yes. It is my thing. And it will be, whether or not I choose to drink it. Champagne has always been a metaphor for me. The Champagne Diet has and always will be a lifestyle; a state of mind, and an opportunity to fall in love with your life and celebrate the hell out of it every chance you get. And you can do that with or without booze. I’ve finally proved that to myself.

If you’re thinking about taking a break from drinking, or reevaluating your relationship with it, I’ll give you this piece of advice: rather than looking at it as deprivation, or focusing on what you’re missing out on, (which we all know never works), try to focus on the positives and how much you’ll gain. I now associate alcohol with all the crappy ways it makes me feel. And I associate not drinking with feeling more fabulous than I ever have in my life. That simple mindset shift works wonders.

The reason I’m sharing all of this is because I think — actually, I know — so many women are feeling the same way about their relationship with wine and just not talking about it. Alcohol is glorified in our culture. It’s sexy to go out and have fancy cocktails. It’s chic to come home and pour yourself a glass of champagne. But when that glass of champagne or those fancy cocktails take you to a place you don’t feel so sexy or chic about, it’s time to take a good hard look at what’s going on and explore it.

I hope that if you’ve questioned your relationship with wine, this post will help you feel less alone. I hope that if you’ve needed a little courage to look in the mirror and face some big stuff, you’ve found it. And I hope that if you needed a reason to make your health and well-being a priority, this will be it.

PS – I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. I know there are many sober women in my Facebook girl gang, The Slay Baby Collective, as well as “sober curious” women or women like me who take breaks from time to time to evaluate their relationship with alcohol. We are all in different stages, different realizations, different places. We have all been affected in different ways. I decided to create a space space and judgment-free zone to talk about sobriety and moderation. Whether you stopped drinking 10 years ago, or you just want to cut back a few days a week, I invite you to join me, and each other, on this journey. Let’s use this space to support, uplift, vent, cry, celebrate, and everything in between.  Click here to join us.

PPS — Read the follow-up post here. Me Wine. An Update: 5 Months Later


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POP THE BUBBLY! I am SO EXCITED to announce that my custom boutique apparel line has finally launched! This has been a dream of mine for YEARS, and the universe and I finally aligned, worked our respective magic, and made it happen.

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with fashion. To me, there is nothing that makes me feel more ON than slipping into an outfit I feel cute and confident in. The problem was, I wasn’t finding many clothes that made me feel that way. Either the cuts were too slim (hello, size 12 here!), or the fabric was too cheap, or the styles were too generic (your girl likes something super unique and custom that not everyone and their mother’s sister’s neighbor is wearing).
So I decided to start making my own stuff. As my one of my favorite mantras says, “Create things you wish existed.”
I did extensive research, fabric sampling, styling, and brainstorming to bring you this first look. Titled after my upcoming book, LIKE SHE OWNS THE PLACE, this super soft, fleece raglan pullover sweatshirt fits and feels like a dream. I made it available in sizes small up to 2XL so that every woman can feel confident rocking it.
Isn’t she lovely!?
As a busy entrepreneuress, I love looking chic and put together, but feeling comfortable. This top can be styled with leggings and sneakers for a day of SoulCycle and brunch, or with jeans and boots if you’re running around the city all day for meetings and then grabbing cocktails at night. I can’t wait to show you the look book I’m putting together to give you some ideas on how to style everything!
I am doing LIMITED RUNS of each style, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. We will most likely not be restocking these items because I plan on constantly creating new collections, so if you want this sweatshirt, I suggest grabbing it ASAP.


The shirts run true to size, so if you want a more relaxed fit, I suggest sizing up. I have been rocking a size large and it feels perfect for me. Like I mentioned, the fabric is so soft and luxurious and the fit is so flattering that you don’t have to worry about this pulling or tugging or clinging to you. Trust me – I GOT YOU!
Sweatshirts are $70 each plus $10 shipping and handling. At this point, I can ONLY ship within the U.S. (don’t worry – I am working on international orders, and once our Shopify is up, we’ll be able to accommodate you!)
We sold out of the first batch of sweatshirts in 24 hours! We are re-stocking this top and will have a brand new website launching soon where you can order. The waitlist is now CLOSED, but please be sure to add yourself to my VIP list to find out how to order when they’re back! Sign up on the main page (scroll to the bottom and add your email!)
I want to thank you ladies SO MUCH for all your support with this project! My mind is SPINNING with ideas and me and my team are planning SO MANY MORE styles, you’re gonna dieeeee!
I can’t wait to see you OWNING THE PLACE in these sweatshirts! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TheChampagneDiet so I can see you!!

With love and bubbles,

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I get SO many requests about how I started my podcast, what equipment I use, where and how I record my shows, so I thought I’d give you guys the scoop. I have always loved radio. My mom always listened to talk radio when I was growing up, and I remember loving the mystery of it all. To me, there’s just something so romantic about hearing someone’s voice on the air, with no visual to go along with it or be distracted by.

When I started my blog in 2008, I started getting invited on people’s radio shows as a guest. Throughout the years as I built my brand, I did a lot of radio interviews, as well as co-hosted many episodes of Ask Dr. Fritz, a New York City based show on WWRL-AM from 2011-2013. In 2016, I landed my own internet radio show I dubbed Slay Baby Radio, and hosted that for a couple of months. If you want to get real nostalgic, you can listen to those episodes here. As much as I loved doing Slay Baby Radio, it was live, and a lot of my listeners were missing out on the action. It was also only available for streaming in the U.S., and so many of my girls are global, so I knew I needed a larger and broader platform for my message.

Enter podcasting.

I decided to launch my podcast, Style Your Mind, with absolutely no clue where to begin. I reached out to my friend and fellow entrepreneuress Angie Lee, host of Rich Bitch podcast (I’ve been a guest on her show a few times) and asked her if she knew anyone that could help me get set up. She introduced me to my producer, and within a week, I had recorded my first show.



My recording program: I use Garage Band, which is a pretty basic audio software that comes on every Apple computer.

My microphone: I use the Blue Yeti USB Microphone in “whiteout” pictured above. You can get it here.

My microphone cover: I use this black windscreen over my mic to help with sound.

My syndication program: I use Libsyn to host and syndicate my show to iTunes and Stitcher. Once you record your files on Garage Band, you want to upload them to Libsyn so they can send the episodes to the appropriate podcast hosts (in my case, iTunes and Stitcher). Libsyn is the program you’ll use to edit your episode title and description. It’s pretty straightforward to use. You can watch this detailed YouTube video I found for you guys for a tutorial, and sign up and learn more about it here.


In terms of content, I try to be as consistent as possible, producing two shows a week on Mondays and Thursdays. I love giving my listeners something to look forward to. I keep my episodes short, usually around 20 minutes, because I’m aware that the women who listen to my show lead busy lives and often listen to me during their commutes to work, or when they can sneak away into the bath tub for some “Me Time.” I don’t feature many guests on my show, as my vision was never an interview-style podcast. I prefer to use Style Your Mind as another platform to share my message and allow my readers to connect with me in a more intimate way beyond my books. My episodes are typically topics that matter to me, personal stories, and Ask Me Anything episodes where listeners submit questions and I answer them on the air.


I recently started incorporating sponsors into my show, because I wanted to be able to give women-owned businesses a place to share and promote their message, while also allowing me to keep the podcast as a primary focus in my business. The advertisers I bring on the show must be aligned with the core message of Style Your Mind, and must add value to my listeners. I worked in digital advertising at MTV Networks for 8 years, and worked with some of the biggest corporations out there like Cover Girl, Kraft, and Pepsi to name a few. Needless to say, I am pretty well-versed in what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to ads. I am a stickler for making sure the ads on Style Your Mind make sense for both my brand as well as the sponsor, and I do all the live reads myself for seamless show integration. If you’re interested in learning more or sponsoring 1 or more episodes, shoot me an email at Info@TheChampagneDiet.com and I will send you all the details!

I hope this was helpful for you guys! Remember: this is all a learning process, even for me. Don’t let the idea of podcasting overwhelm you. Start, do your best, and get better as you go along. Just like everything in life. Always.

Happy recording!


Please note: the Amazon links above are affiliate links

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If you’re anything like me, you equate relaxing with a night big fat glass of wine. I mean, who doesn’t? I won’t lie, the mellow buzz that comes from those first few sips of red is blissful. Light some candles, get a little giddy, and let the stresses of the day melt away while you devour a few episodes of the Real Housewives. This was my nightly routine. Until I realized those few glasses of wine were wreaking havoc on my sleep, my skin, my gut health, and my weight.

The first time I realized I needed to cut back on my evening “wine down” time, I panicked. How was I going to shut off after a long day? Could I get tired on my own? Would I sleep? These were all pretty legit thoughts, as I was using red wine as a bit of a tranquilizer at night. I don’t know about you, but I have one of those brains that does not stop. If there’s a thought to think of, I’m thinking of it. Time for bed! Let’s replay every conversation we’ve had over the last month, think about renting vs. buying, mentally plan out our next vacation, and debate over which shoes would look best with that new dress.

I knew I needed to create a new healthy routine at night that would allow me to chill out without alcohol (at least most nights). I started doing a little research and trying some new things out, and here’s what’s been working for me. And for those who are wondering, I still enjoy wine if I go out to dinner, or on the occasional night I’m really in the mood for it, but I try to keep it out of the house. I probably enjoy it, on average, two nights a week these days. And it’s made a big difference.

Bedtime tea. And the one I drink has catnip in it, ya’ll! Yes, CATNIP. But before you envision me sucking on a mouse made of yarn, let me clarify. The catnip herb has relaxation properties in it that also help calm your nerves. It’s soothing and has been known to help you prepare for sleep. I drink Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night. You can grab it in most supermarkets, on Amazon, or on their site. This stuff makes me slightly drowsy and just helps me unwind a bit. Nothing crazy. But it works. I also love Yogi bedtime tea. Both have pretty much the same effects.

Hot pink bubble bath. Okay, it doesn’t have to be pink. But it helps. I love to take a bath at night and throw in a Lush bath bomb with essential oils. I imagine the stress of the day melting off me as I soak. I take a few minutes to replay the high points of the day in my mind and celebrate everything I accomplished.

Limiting phone/screen time an hour before bed. I used to lay in bed with my phone glued to my hand for at least an hour – sometimes more. Like, really Cara? Do you need to be on Instagram right up until your eyeballs close? I read that separating yourself from the phone and computer about an hour before bedtime really helps you disconnect, so I decided to give it a try. It honestly helps so much. I won’t lie – at first I had to get over the crippling anxiety of not knowing what my very last email of the night was going to be, but I got over it (LOL). I now turn on a mindless show like the Real Housewives of Anywhere, and sip my catnip tea in peace.

Lavender essential oil. This. gives. me. LIFE. Diffused or on my wrists, or both. I love lavender. It’s such a beautiful scent that really helps take the edge off. I dab a few drops on my wrists and do a few inhales as I’m getting ready for bed. When I inhale, I imagine myself breathing in positive thoughts, and when I exhale, I imagine myself breathing out the stress of the day. I sometimes even throw a few drops in my aromatherapy diffuser and let the soothing scent help me drift off as I watch Ramona fight for the best bedroom in Mexico. (any Real Housewives fans out there!?)

Gratitude. As soon as I get in bed, I immediately begin thinking of everything I’m thankful for. I list each thing off in my mind. I am usually out by the time I’m on number 5 or so. It’s honestly such a peaceful and happy ritual and it always puts me at ease. Note: this also works for any situation you may feel anxious in. I do it when I’m about to take off on an airplane, or whenever I experience rough turbulence that makes me nervous (spoiler alert: I’m not the best flyer!)

Visualization. If my gratitude list doesn’t knock me out, I turn to visualization. I imagine, in detail, how I want my next day to look. I think about what I’m wearing, what I want to experience – all happy things. Sometimes I even replay really exciting moments in my life that make me feel good. I just allow myself to get lost in my mind and it feels so good. Remember: your thoughts create your reality. Make sure they are fabulous!


With love and moderation,


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