Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of speaking at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, the largest women’s conference in the United States. There were 13,000 women in attendance, and Elizabeth Gilbert led the charge as the keynote speaker. What. A. Day!

I spoke on a panel about personal branding, and how to have control over the way people perceive you at work. Many of the women in the audience were in corporate, and as I shared my story of transitioning from my corporate job at MTV into full-time entrepreneurship, it reminded me how critical it is to begin branding yourself through that transition to entrepreneurship right now…not just when you arrive at your dream job.

In fact, your personal brand travels with you through life no matter what you’re doing for work. It’s something that will evolve, and something that requires a daily commitment.

A few of my favorite tips for creating your personal brand involve doing what I call an “audit of your digital footprint” to see how you show up online. Do you have an old Twitter account you haven’t used since 2009? It’s time to delete that. Old photos on your Facebook of you doing shots in Cancun in 2011? Probably best to take those down. And on the flipside, what can you add to your online profiles to help the world see you in the way you want to be seen?

It’s also super important to think about how you want people to perceive you and ask yourself if you’re acting in alignment with that. Have you ever taken the time to write down your vision for your personal brand? Do you think about your personal brand when you wake up in the morning and get dressed? Or when you interact with someone at Starbucks? All of these things count.

Actively building my brand has been a 10-year journey and I feel like I am just getting started! There are key things you can do to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward in the world, and I am really excited to share all of those tips and strategies in my new masterclass, Passionistas Who Profit.

In this dynamic power program, we’ll dive into what it takes to slay your side hustle, leave your day job, and really make an impact as a female entrepreneur.

We kick off this coming Thursday, December 13. I have a few spots left and I would love to work with you! Check out all the details here. 

And if you can’t make the masterclass, check out my latest podcast episode where I share many of these tips + more. You can listen to episode 123 of Style Your Mind on iTunes or Stitcher, or here.

In the meantime you can catch me living my brand, one sip of champagne at at time!

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Have you ever found yourself sitting in your cubicle, watching your IG stories, wondering how the hell all these girls get to do what they love every day? Have you ever wondered who these magical unicorns are that wake up without alarm clocks, get to travel around the world for their business (in first class, might I add), and actually pay their bills by pursuing their passion?

I get it. I’ve been there. Except for me it was Facebook groups because I’m kind of a dinosaur and IG stories didn’t exist back then. LOLz.

But I really do understand. As someone who eventually ditched her six-figure corporate career at MTV and turned her side hustle into a six-figure business within in it’s first year, I know a thing or two about turning your passion into profit. I took a blog and turned it into a self-published empire which led to a multiple six-figure double book deal, a successful coaching practice, a podcast with 4.5 million listeners in a little over a year, a fashion business, and more – and none of that happened by accident. I’d also like to underline the fact that I dropped out of college, was raised in a single-parent household with no money, and am the daughter of a drug addict. My secret to success has been claiming responsibility for my own life, never pointing fingers at anyone, and never looking back. You can learn more about my story in Episode 119 of Style Your Mind (click here to listen).

When I released my best selling book GIRL CODE in 2015, it felt like the flood gates opened and thousands of women wanted to know the answer to that burning question: How do I take my side hustle and make it my full-time career? I did it, with no special opportunities, no investors, no hand-outs, and no lucky breaks. And you can do it too.

I’ve decided to create the ultimate immersion experience for every woman who can’t bear the thought of spending one more year under those fluorescent lights of their corporate office. A 30-day bootcamp where I will share my best practices, top strategies, game-changing mindset shifts, and action steps for creating a path for yourself as a full-time entrepreneur.

In Passionistas Who Profit, we’ll meet LIVE for a total of 3 weekly masterclasses, hosted via Zoom chat, beginning Thursday December 13th at 7 PM ET. During these sessions, I will break down my best advice for setting yourself up in your side hustle and creating a solid action plan for leaving your 9-5. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions, bounce ideas off me, and chat with the other women in our community. I will share my exact revenue streams and how they evolved over the years, how I structure my business and my schedule, and help you do the same. You will receive assignments to put you on track for real planning and accountability, as well as a digital workbook for the experience.

I usually take the Kamagra soft tabs, as they are not that bitter (the weekenders are of course better, as they taste like milk powder), but the normal ones do not really bother me either. I chew it and then just rinse with a little water.

In addition to our 3 calls, you will have access to a private Facebook community for members of Passionistas Who Profit only. You can use this group to network, keep each other accountable, share inspiration, and be inspired. When I was getting ready to leave MTV, the one thing that made me feel like it was possible was seeing other women who had done it, and were in the process of doing it. Community is everything when it comes to entrepreneurship, and I pride myself on creating the best communities within the industry. I will be in the group during our month-long immersion, sharing inspiration and answering questions.


Ready to do this? Here’s a recap of what’s included in Passionistas Who Profit:

– A 30-day group coaching experience to set you up for success and arm you with what it takes to slay your side hustle and leave your 9-5

– 3 LIVE masterclasses including live chat, Q&A, and sisterhood. Dates for our calls are Thursday December 13th, Thursday December 20th, and Thursday December 27th. All calls will begin at 7 PM ET sharp and last approximately 60-90 minutes. Calls will be recorded and posted in the group for replay access

– A private, members-only Facebook group to network, stay accountable, and be inspired

– Access to me as your personal coach to help you navigate your side hustle and create an actionable plan to create your dream job


Space is limited to 20 women only and spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

The investment for this opportunity is $997. Click here to reserve your space.

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There’s so much talk about morning routines these days, it seems like if you aren’t waking up at 4:45 AM, triple cleansing your skin, and writing 27 pages in your journal, you’re failing at life. And as much as I’m all for living your best life, I have to inject myself into this conversation, because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the way we start our day. What makes me feel good in the early hours of the day may be completely different than what works for you. And if I allow one more “expert” to shame us into thinking there is something wrong with waking up while the sun is out, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I know – I’m being a bit dramatic – but if you knew the amount of women who stress themselves sick over not meditating in the dark for an hour before rushing off to work, you’d understand my mission.

We live in a society that loves to stuff us all into boxes. “The early bird catches the worm!” has been burned into our exhausted brains for decades, and if you work a traditional job or you ever went to school a day in your life, you know that life really does begin before 8 AM. But what if you just aren’t hard-wired to catch worms the second your eyeballs open? What if your body physically needs to sleep in, or you just aren’t feeling those damn journaling exercises before you’ve had a few hours to assimilate into life again?

I’m here to tell you: it’s okay.

Let’s talk wake-up times, shall we? Research has proven that not every body can actually wake up at 5 am. Don’t believe me? Just read this article right here. Sleep schedules are super personal, so if you’ve been trying to force yourself to bed at 9 PM and get up before the sun to no avail, don’t panic. Many people fall into the sleep cycle of hitting the pillow by 11 PM and waking up at 7 AM. But a whopping 40% of the population does not naturally fit this schedule. If you’re one of those people who have tried it all but just can’t get to sleep before 1 AM, cut yourself some slack. You’re totally normal. Science says so! If you work a 9-5, this can be challenging (and I hope you like coffee), but if you’re fortunate enough to work from home, or run your own business, it’s time to stop setting the alarm and let your body do it’s thing. I have been waking up without an alarm…*gasp*…around 7 or 8 AM for years. Some days it’s earlier, some days it’s later. There is no schedule! And I still manage to be a successful, productive member of society. Shocking, I know. And let me tell you, I’ve never felt more energized. Our bodies are capable of a lot more than we think. Maybe it’s time we left them alone?

You can read countless articles, books, and collect strategies from the likes of Arianna Huffington and every other CEO under the sun about how to start your morning. Some women swear by 30 minutes of exercises before starting their work day. Others are fans of tackling emails or reading personal development books. I personally use my morning time for what I call, creative exploration. I catch up on articles on Coveteur, plan outfits on Pinterest, drink copious amounts of coffee, listen to jazz, write if I’m in the mood, and really just chill. I do spend some time in my journal, typically about 5-10 minutes to set my intentions for the day. Some mornings, I totally forget, or I’m just not feeling it. So I don’t do it. The important thing here is that I listen to what I need that day. Some mornings I do crave fresh air so after a few cups of coffee I’ll go out for a power walk. Other mornings, you can find me in my pajamas glued to my computer until 11 am. Bottom line is? I do what feels good.

No matter what your morning looks like, there is one thing most successful women do have in common: they are intentional with their time. They are taking control of their own lives and doing the things that energize them. We all know the saying, “You either run the day or the day runs you.” Try to run your morning. Whether it’s at 4:45 am or 10. And don’t get too caught up what everyone else is doing. There’s enough time for all that. You should be able to have a cup of coffee in peace. With, or without the sun.

Shop my favorite morning routine items below! From my favorite espresso maker, to my Louis Vuitton journal (pre-loved is the way to go!), to my fave beauty items, here are my go-to products that I wake up with:


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What if you decided you were no longer available for average?

Imagine waking up every day, feeling absolutely certain that you are about to do your best work. Imagine being so obsessed with your own life, that the idea of comparing yourself to a stranger on social media seems laughable. Envision yourself, completely aligned with the woman you know you’re meant to be: dressing like her, doing business like her, earning income like her, attracting dream opportunities like her. Imagine reclaiming your time, owning your day, and truly, finally, stepping into your power as a successful business woman.

I can vividly recall fantasizing about the life I have right now. Just a few years ago, sitting under the fluorescent-lit cubicle at my day job, I desperately dreamed of walking into The Plaza Hotel, placing my jumbo black caviar leather Chanel purse on the seat next to me, and ordering a lobster salad and a glass of Veuve Clicquot. In my mind, I would open my brand new rose gold Mac air book, log into my email, and read countless emails from women whose lives I had touched. While sipping my crisp, ice-cold glass of bubbly, I’d sign on new coaching clients, field emails from my book editor, and make plans for that evening to try that hot new restaurant that had just opened. Some days I’d fantasize about flying first-class from New York to London to meet with my U.K. publisher to go do press for my new book. Some days I’d imagine spending an entire afternoon in my fluffy, white bath robe, simply deciding that the day would be better spent leisurely relaxing in bed, because that’s what I craved energetically.

I get chills as I write this all, because every single thing in that visualization came true. And it continues to come true. This is my new standard of living.

But that wasn’t always my story. Raised by a single mother and left by a drug-addicted, deadbeat father, I didn’t grow up with money, mentors, or anyone to open a door for me. I knew from a young age I’d need to create my own opportunities. Although I didn’t have much, I had dreams, and those were my most valuable asset. My passion drove me. I knew I wanted a better life for myself, and I knew the path to get there would require a laser-focused belief in myself.

But it took time. And faith. And confidence. And waking up every morning going to a job I hated because I had to pay the bills. And trying new things, and failing, and trying again. And sneaking into Facebook groups when my co-workers weren’t looking, and asking millions of questions to other women entrepreneurs who were 10 steps ahead of me. And facing rejection after rejection. And spending my last dollars to pay for coaching courses because I knew the power of personal development if I was ever gonna get the hell out of that reality. And using my own knowledge as a life coach to work through my own bullshit and master my own mind.

Here’s the thing: I always knew, deep down, that I was meant for more. I knew I had great business ideas. I knew how to write blogs and post on social media. I knew how to life coach. And what I didn’t know, I could hire someone to do. So why wasn’t I fully embodying everything I wanted in my life? Why couldn’t I pull the trigger on my dreams and live without fear? Why couldn’t I fully be the woman I wanted to be?

It wasn’t another webinar on marketing strategies that I needed. I needed a way to eradicate those dream-slaughtering beliefs continually crept into the back of my mind. Those scary “adult” voices of parents and accountants warning against fantasy worlds and urging me to cling to any old boring job simply because it offered a retirement plan. I had to get over the fear of hearing the “Who does she think she is?” voice from every mean girl I’d ever met. And I had to learn to overcome the biggest bully of all – myself.

Through my extensive training and education as a life coach, my immersion in the positive psychology and optimal living world, and my experience and success as a personal development author, I was able to completely transform my own life. I was able to muster the courage to walk away from my day job, with little to no savings, and take a chance on myself. I created and implemented my own powerful mindset shifts, custom strategies, and actionable steps to raise my vibration and program my mind for success.

I am now a bestselling author of seven personal development books, the host of a top-rated podcast with 4 million listeners in a little over a year, a high-earning life coach with clients around the world, and a woman who is so incredibly fulfilled and excited about every single day (and I am no longer under those fluorescent lights!)

I have gone on to help thousands of other women transform their lives and businesses. And now I want to help you.

Introducing…the STYLE YOUR MIND FOR SUCCESS workbook.

It may be leaving your day job. It may be getting to the next level in your business. It may be ascending to the most exquisite version of yourself so that you can show up in the world and finally do what you are meant to do. It may be upgrading your life and deciding you are no longer available for struggle. You decide what success looks like for you. Together, we’ll work through my proven processes and style your mind to make it all happen.

After spending a decade in the self-help space, both personally and professionally, I noticed one resounding theme: lots of very excited, passionate women losing their zest for entrepreneurship just as quickly as they found it.

Year after year, I’d meet new business women at networking events, in my social circles, through coaching masterminds and on social media who were frustrated. They’d invested thousands of dollars with business coaches and self-proclaimed “gurus” who promised blueprints to success. They were overdosing on webinars, books, and very expensive seminars hoping to find a one-size-fits-all approach to business. And none of it was working long-term, nor did it feel natural or authentic to them, because there is no one-size-fits-all blueprint for success. They were overwhelmed and uninspired, and losing hope fast.

These women knew the importance of nurturing their business, but they were missing one incredibly important piece of the puzzle: mastering their own mindset.

And I’m not just talking about reading The Secret or listening to a podcast about affirmations. The work required to build a solid understanding of yourself in the role of an entrepreneur is intense. And without a solid understanding of who you are in this brave new world of business, you’ll find it nearly impossible to overcome the inevitable challenges in your business, grit through difficult times, make confident decisions, and achieve long-term success. This kind of mastery takes dedication to self-awareness and the tools to practice it daily. It takes the guidance and mentoring from a professional woman who has been there herself, and helped thousands of other women through it as well.

You may have read my bestselling book GIRL CODE. In it, I share my own personal experiences in building my business, along with interviews with other female entrepreneurs from all different industries about how they built theirs. Filled with inspirational stories and mindset shifts, GIRL CODE has become a global sensation. But as successful as the book has been, I knew my audience craved more. You wanted a deeper dive, including actionable, practical tools to help you take that inspiration and create real change in your lives.

I created STYLE YOUR MIND FOR SUCCESS for female entrepreneurs who want to increase their energetic vibration, build their confidence, get crystal clear on their vision, and become success magnets.  As a certified master life coach and bestselling personal development author, I know one thing to be true: Your business will only thrive if you do.

I have worked with countless women through my books, courses, and private coaching programs over the years to help them elevate their thoughts, upgrade their standards, and renew their sense of self. My clients have shifted from feeling low-energy, overwhelmed, and confused, to feeling razor-sharp, aligned, and filled with joy for their lives and businesses. They have grown the same way I have. They continue to level up the same way I do, every day.

I am obsessed with helping women transform their businesses by elevating their thoughts and upgrading their lives. Consider STYLE YOUR MIND FOR SUCCESS an opportunity for me to be your private business coach. Are you ready?



You’re still not experiencing the success you desire in your business

You spend a lot of time in your head

You don’t feel successful

You compare yourself to everyone else in your industry

You’re afraid to ask for sales and you aren’t making the money you want to make

You desperately want to live your passion, feel in flow, and do what you love with certainty

You feel unorganized and overwhelmed in your life and business

You don’t really know who you are as a business woman (you find yourself trying to emulate other women’s business style)

Your inner circle doesn’t really “get” what you do (most people think you play on Facebook all day or your side hustle is a hobby)

You often feel guilty for putting yourself first

You don’t feel as powerful as you know you could



-Get crystal clear on your vision for your business

-Understand the power of confidence and show you how to cultivate it in every moment

-Create an energetic outline for your life so that you can serve yourself and your clients better

-Truly learn to decide the woman you want to be and embody her fully

-Curate your circle both online and offline so that you are completely supported

-Redefine success on your own terms

Get over the concept of failure

-Establish and implement success rituals and powerful ways of living every day


Sound good? Before we begin, you’ll need to trash any beliefs that you cannot design the business and the life of your dreams. The only way to make the most of this experience is to believe that everything is possible. I’ll be asking you some tough questions – it’s on you to answer them truthfully. It’s time to get real with yourself, push your own limits, and finally understand that you deserve it all.

Make sure you add your name to my email list (sign up is located at the bottom of this page) so that you are notified as soon as the book drops later this month!

With love, and loads of success,


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