The Magic Pill is Authenticity

When I launched my life coaching practice, I did not follow a road map. I had a blog called The Champagne Diet, and by every rule in the book, I should have changed that name to “Cara’s Life Coaching for Women” or something equally as boring. In fact, I even bought the domain “” when I first started out because I considered using it for a split second (luckily that thought faded fast).

Early in my career, I remember being inundated with opinions on how I should act, what I should look like, and how I should run my business — and I hated all of it. I invested in business coaches because I wanted to soak up every drop of information and learn from the “power players” – or so I thought. I spend thousands of dollars – even taking a loan out against my 401k – to pay for programs to ensure I would be set up for success and give myself every chance to grow my business the “right” way. I will never forget the day I sat down with my first business coach and she handed me a sales script. It was a two-page document filled with dry dialogue that made every inch of my insides shrivel up. I was mortified when she asked me to read it aloud and reenact a client conversation and pretend I was trying to close a sale. I walked out of her office that day and vowed to never, ever follow advice like that again.

I quickly realized I could not be anyone but Cara and that meant incorporating all the things I love into my brand, even if some of those things happen to be champagne and Chanel. Since that experience, I have built my business around my gut instincts. I decided to create things from my heart; things that I wish existed. And the results have been magic. All of my books have hit various best seller lists and my coaching workshops and programs sell out and often have waiting lists. I attribute my success to being unique and being confident in who I am, even when it doesn’t look like everyone else.

Authenticity is magnetic. I encourage you to look at your life — and your business — and ask yourself if you’re being authentic. Are you being true to yourself? Here are a few quick ways to test your truth meter:

Would I hire myself?

Would I do what I do even if I never earned a dollar?

Does my work make my heart race when I talk to someone about it?

Do I feel proud of who I am?

Do I feel proud of the work I produce?

Do I constantly ask others for their feedback and opinions? (if you answered yes, stop it right now!)

Don’t worry about doing things to get people to follow you. Focus on your passion and your individuality and those who are meant to be there, will. I promise.


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