Are You Scared of Being Called Selfish? Read This.

During one of my recent conversation with a client, we got into a pretty intense discussion about the topic of selfishness. Have you ever been scared to do something because you are afraid of someone calling you selfish? Or worse, secretly thinking it? Are you nervous to say no, or put yourself first because you feel guilty for it?

This is something I personally struggled with for years and I see it among many of my clients as well. First let me say this: it’s not a bad thing to be worried about this. It shows that we are all caring, nurturing women who want to see others happy.

But when does other people’s happiness put our own happiness at risk?

Think about that for a second. If you’re miserable, unfulfilled, and exhausted, what’s the point of being there for someone else? Doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose?

I am in no way saying you should stop caring about other people. But you’ve got to consider yourself along the way. What if you started replacing the word “selfish” with “self-love?” What if every time you beat yourself up for sleeping in, calling out sick, declining a dinner date, or spending a day indulging in whatever the hell you want, you viewed it as an act of self-love?

Try it out and see how it feels.


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