Are You Operating on a CHANEL Frequency?

I’d like you to close your eyes for a moment and think about the way you look at a Chanel purse. Now, think about the way you treat a Chanel purse. I guarantee your whole demeanor changes when you hold one in your hands. You probably stand a little taller, and feel a little more glamorous, worthy, and beautiful.

That’s because Chanel equals luxury. We associate that brand with being a high-end, exclusive, premiere quality experience. Notice I used the word “experience” and not product? That’s because Chanel goes far beyond a caviar leather handbag. Chanel is the way you feel when you walk into the boutique. Chanel is being poured a glass of champagne while you wait for your exquisite purchase to be delicately packaged up behind a black velvet curtain. Chanel is being greeted by your first name when you walk in, because you’ve obviously been there before, and your sales person obviously knows you adore the finer things (he even has your cell phone and texts you when a hard-to-find item comes in to the shop).

I like to put my Chanel to work.


Now I want you to come down from that French leather high for a second, and think about the way you run your life and your business. Are you operating on a Chanel frequency?

  • – Are you nourishing your body with high quality, delicious, nutritious foods?
  • – Are you pampering yourself with regular self-care rituals like massages, blow drys, empowering workouts, and manicures?
  • – Are you pricing your services at a premium so you can enjoy a fabulous life of luxury without stressing out over money?
  • – Are you attracting your dream clients and working with people who inspire you and fulfill you on a daily basis?
  • – Are you putting up a velvet rope in front of all the things that do not serve you or make you feel absolutely wonderful?


It’s no secret that life and business are tightly intertwined. And if you aren’t running both like a luxury brand, then you are doing yourself and your clients a major disservice.


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