Are You a Visionista? How to Host a Powerful Vision Board Party

I was lucky enough to spend a recent afternoon in the Bronx co-hosting a vision board party for some lovely ladies. Champagne, sunshine, and inspiration….is there anything better?

We kicked off our day in true Champagne Diet style with a bubbly toast and set our intentions for the afternoon.

My bestie Tara was gracious enough to host the soiree in her sprawling yard, and she showcased her decorating talents with a to-die-for tablescape to get us in the mood for feeling fearless, fabulous, and ultra-feminine.



Before getting down to business, I had the ladies fill out a custom worksheet that I created so that they could get into a glittering mindset for the day. I am obsessed with powerful questions and as soon as my clients start filling them out, they become hooked too. I mean, how often are we really checking in with ourselves? How often do we give ourselves that gift? We need to do it more often, in my opinion.

Then the crafting began! If you haven’t created a vision board before, it sounds way more intimidating than it is. Anyone can do it. All you need are some old magazines, a poster board, scissors, and a glue stick. Champagne is a lovely touch, obvs. There’s no need for perfection. It’s your time to get creative. I also usually frame my boards so that they can become a part of my home decor. The trick with a vision board is that you must keep it in front of you, in a space where you’ll see it often.

Another thing I love to point out to women is that your vision board can literally be about anything. I’ve made ones focused on career, fitness, travel…the list goes on. Sometimes you don’t even need to choose your theme in advance, you’ll just begin flipping through your magazines and become inspired.

Kind of like Angelica was…


The day was a smashing success and I’d literally do these parties every single day if I could. I truly believe that when women come together and connect on a real, raw level, we can create magic. When we cut the facades, lose the bullshit, and share our fears as well as our triumphs, we realize that all of the beautiful, messy, weird, amazing parts of ourselves all look awfully similar.





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