7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Prepare for a Killer 2017

Another brand new year is upon us and if you’re anything like me, you’re bursting with excitement and anticipation for whats to come. Although I don’t wait for January 1st to make changes in my life and my business, there is something about a fresh start that gets me going and makes me feel so inspired.

I thought it would be helpful to share some of my own personal strategies to help set you up for success, sanity, and happiness in 2017 (Girl Code vibes!). These are very specific things I am doing all week long to prepare myself to enter the new year with confidence and ease. Whether you’re planning to launch your business, create healthier habits, triple your income, reinvent yourself, or meet your soulmate, you’ve gotta get your mind, body, and soul right before making any changes in your life. Below is my 360 approach to preparing for a killer 2017. Enjoy!

Unsubscribe from email lists you no longer want to be a part of.

Do you wake up in the morning and find that you have to scroll through 47 different emails from clothing stores, life coaches, and promo companies just to get to the emails that actually matter? For years, I allowed these emails to clog my inbox, and rather than actually unsubscribing from them, I deleted them with frustration, only to receive another email the next morning. What was so hard about just removing my name from the list? Once I began proactively unsubscribing from these unwanted messages, a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I felt clarity not just within my inbox, but within my life. Clutter is a real issue – and electronic clutter is just as dangerous as the physical kind. Dedicate an hour or two this week to decluttering your inbox and make space for what truly counts.

Clean our your closet + dry clean and tailor everything.

This past summer, I gave my closet a major overhaul and created a capsule wardrobe. After feeling totally overwhelmed with waaaay too many choices of clothing and accessories, and hanging onto things that made me feel less than fabulous, I decided I needed a change. Getting dressed should be empowering, feminine, and fun, but for me, it had become stressful, time-consuming, and downright depressing. To help streamline my life in a whole new way, I decided to revamp my closet to help ultimately revamp my look. The goal was to create a sleek, polished wardrobe that made me feel glamorous and gorgeous. So on a rainy, Saturday morning fueled by many, many coffees, I decided to rip the doors off my closets and reorganize everything. I got rid of or donated what didn’t work for me, and only kept the best. I shopped for what was missing and discarded the things I no longer felt I needed. Click here to read the entire post and learn how to do this yourself.

And if your wardrobe is already in place, make sure you tailor, wash, and dry clean anything that needs it. This way when you get called for that job interview or date, you’re ready to rock it in fresh clothes that fit perfectly and feel great.

Create and implement success rituals.

I have a series of what I call “success rituals” that keep me grounded. They are certain habits I’ve incorporated into my life that I practice on a regular basis, and I attribute them to helping me be happier, healthier, and more successful as a woman and an entrepreneuress. Here are my two faves:

Detox baths. I cannot function without my detox baths! I take a bubble bath nightly to help me decompress from the day, and a detox bath at least twice a week. This helps me clear my mind, release toxins and negative energy, and restore my muscles after a workout. To make it happen, simply choose your favorite bubble bath mix (I love Aura Cacia), add your favorite pure essentials oils (I’ll usually do lavender to relax at night, and eucalyptus to wake up my mind if its a morning bath), and Epsom salts. The benefits of Epsom salts are amazing, you guys. When absorbed through the skin, like in this bath, they help relieve muscle pain and inflammation, as well as draw toxins from the body. And my favorite bonus: they help reduce bloat. Perfect if you’ve overindulged a bit during the holidays (*raises hand*). I usually take a glass of lemon water with me to drink to help rehydrate, and either a cup of Yogi peach detox tea (its herbal; I don’t do those skinny teas, don’t worry), or a glass of wine, depending on my mood. As I sip and soak, I imagine my stress melting away, and I allow my mind the space to be creative and spark new ideas. Fact: I got the idea for this post during my bath!

Celebration lists. I think it’s safe to say we all make daily To-Do lists, most of which feel miles long. And while I wholeheartedly support a good page of action items to get me going each morning, its equally important to celebrate what you’ve accomplished at the end of each day. I started making celebration lists at night to help shift the focus from what I didn’t do, and be proud of what I did get done that particular day. This has now become a regular practice for me and it’s changed the game. I pour a glass of wine, light a candle, and step away from the computer. It not only helps me feel good about myself, but it helps me end the day on a positive note and separate myself from the day’s work.

Book a self-care day.

It’s no secret that when we look good, we feel great, so self-care is at the top of my list for starting the new year on a glamorous note. Whether you need to touch up your hair color, get a pedicure, or indulge in a massage, be sure to make time for yourself this week. I don’t know if its superstition or what, but I have this weird thing where I cannot enter the new year with roots or crappy nails. I already got my blonde touched up last week, and my pedi will happen Friday. Raising my #glamvibration all week long. I suggest you do it too.

Get organized.

This is the ideal time to shred old bills, file away important paperwork, and discard old notebooks from the past year. Take this time to set yourself up for success by facing what needs to be faced, taking a good, hard look at your debt (its a great time to make an action plan to pay off your credit cards), and getting your workspace organized. Clean out your desk drawers, get new pens, toss anything that’s old and broken. If you don’t have an agenda, invest in one that makes you feel inspired. I purchased an A5 sized Louis Vuitton agenda this year and it completely elevated my organizational experience. Granted, I am not the most organized person on the planet, but it gives me a one-stop-shop to keep my checkbook, my calendar, and an area to write notes and brainstorm. I love the Sessa Vee inserts (like the one pictured above). Plus, I feel super glam whipping it out in meetings (who wouldn’t?).

Write out your vision for 2017.

SO important ladies! You simply cannot create goals or a plan without a vision. Buy yourself a brand new notebook that inspires you (like mine pictured above from Gypsy Warrior) and take some time to write, in detail, how you want 2017 to look and feel. Who do you want to be in this upcoming year? How do you want to run your business? What do you want your days to look like? What will your personal style be? Your vision can be a page long, or multiple pages. It can evolve and take shape throughout the year. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get you going:

What is my top priority for 2017?

What do I need more of in my life?

What do I need less of in my life?

What is one habit I am willing to let go of that holds me back?

What is one new habit I will introduce to make me better?

What brings me energy?

What drains me?

How do I want to feel in the New Year?

How do I want to make others feel?

What is my one “word” for 2017?


Over the past year and a half, workouts have taken on a whole new meaning for me. In the past, I’d always exercised with resentment; gritting my teeth through a torturous run or bootcamp class with one goal in mind: get thin. After discovering SoulCycle in 2015, everything changed for me. Suddenly, my workouts no longer about getting to a certain number on the scale. They were about clearing my mind and having fun. I found so much joy through moving my body to music I loved, and I gained so much confidence by challenging my own self-imposed limitations. And I have never looked or felt better.

I now view my rides as moving meditations, and sweating feels like a spiritual experience for me. I highly recommend finding a way to implement physical activity into your life in a way that feels authentic and enjoyable. It makes all the difference. Whether it’s SoulCycle, power walking while blasting your favorite tunes, or yoga, you need to sweat on a regular basis and release endorphins. I promise you’ll feel more creative, peaceful, and happy. Your body and mind will thank you.

I hope these suggestions help you! And please know that wherever you are in your life, you’re exactly where you are meant to be. My wish for you is that in 2017, you will choose faith over fear, you’ll always keep it moving, and you’ll rest your head on your pillow each night knowing that what is for you will never pass you.

Cheers to a magical New Year!

With love and bubbles,










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