5 Things I’m Crushing On Right Now

Spring is in the air and I couldn’t be happier. This season brings so much excitement; from longer days, to my birthday (April 23rd, for the record), to that smell in the air that makes you feel like anything is possible. I adore walking around New York City on days where the sun feels like it’s kissing your forehead, the flowers are in bloom, and everyone has that extra frisky look in their eyes. Meow!

With Spring Fever in full force, it feels like the perfect time to introduce a new blog series here called “5 Things I’m Crushing On Right Now.” My phone is filled with snaps of things that make me happy, so I thought, why not share it with my girls?

1. Inspirational sidewalk art

There’s just something about looking down while rushing through a busy New York City street and seeing a message like this. You have to look closely, but when you do, the signs are there.


2. Beautiful blooms

I mean, how can this not make you insanely happy? I love seeing everyone staring up at the trees this time of year taking photos of these gorgeous blooming branches. I’m pretty sure everyone has some version of this shot on their camera phone. But how can you not? It’s a total Spring tradition and it’s so gorgeous.

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3. My Marilyn Bar

If you’ve been following me on social media, then you know that I moved into a beautiful new apartment and I’ve been having a ball decorating it. In fact, I think I’m going to dedicate a full blog to an apartment tour very soon because it seriously deserves it. My last place had a very dark glam vibe to it, so I wanted the complete opposite in this new large, bright, sunny space. Think whites, cremes, golds, and pastel pink. My first order of business was scoping out this Marilyn Monroe print which I scored from an Esty shop called Wall Buddy. I had him make it for me in an 18×24 print and then I had it custom framed at Frame Me in Brooklyn. I placed it above this console piece from Ikea and my “Marilyn Bar” made it’s debut on Easter Sunday. Decked out in champagne and tulips, it was the perfect space for entertaining with a touch of mod glamour.


4. Quotes that give me goosebumps

As a writer, I’m constantly searching for new quotes that move me. I admittedly get a little bored of seeing the same things re-posted over and over again on Instagram. There’s nothing wrong with sharing words that inspire you, but when you see the same thing 78 times, it loses its impact. For me, at least. So when I do share something, it’s because I haven’t seen it around before and it does something to me at the core. Like this Jack Kerouac quote. Talk to me about empty pages and I’m hooked.


5. Pastel pink peekaboo highlights

If I do one thing this year, it will be pastel pink hair. I’m a sucker for it and it’s gone from “oooh that’s pretty!” to a full-blown obsession. While I’d love to go full pink, I do love my new platinum look, so I think I’ll do something more subtle like this. Cotton candy pops of pink that shine through just enough. And there is nobody in the world that I would trust with giving me pastel hair other than Tarin at Bohemian Rose salon in Brooklyn. If you’re looking for a change, she is your girl. Trust.


So tell me, what are you crushing on at the moment?

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