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Can I just tell you guys this new series has become one of my most favorite things ever? I know this is only the second post, but I literally spend my whole week making lists of things I love and then narrowing them down to the top 5 that I decide to share with you. I have photos stored in my phone of potential things to include and when it’s time to post, I narrow it down to what I think is the most special. They’re things that make me happy, and things I hope will make you happy, too.

And this post, in particular, has some extra super-charged energy attached to it because my birthday is just 3 days away and I’m excited! I’ve honestly been on Cloud 12 all week and it’s not just because I’m looking forward to partying (though I am). It’s because I realize that getting another year on this Earth is a privilege denied to many. The fact that I am happy, healthy, and doing what I love every single day is a gift beyond words. So please take some of this good juju and apply it to your own life, because I’ve got lots of it to go around!

So that’s that. Now it’s time for the fun stuff! Here are the 5 things I’m crushing on right now:

1. Pins!

I’ve always loved pins. I’ve also always loved things that are miniature. There’s just something so darling about a mini version of anything, hence why I love the way a cluster of pins looks on a lapel. But what’s even more fun is mixing and matching unexpected pins, like this adorable statement pin I recently snagged on Etsy and my Chanel brooch. I mean, seriously?


2. Words That Move Me

I love words. I live for stringing words together that make you feel something. And when someone makes me feel something with their words, I don’t take it lightly. Here are some words that do exactly that.


3. My Vintage Teacup Collection

I started collecting vintage teacups a few years ago and when I recently moved, they stayed in bubble wrap packed away (you know how crazy things can get during a move). I decided to unpack them a few days ago and have developed a newfound love for these beauties. I used to strictly drink my nightly tea in them, but have since started enjoying my espresso in them in the morning. They add such a dainty, pretty vibe to my morning routine and I just adore them. Keeping an inspirational postcard next to me while I sip my espresso makes it all the better.


4. Creating Things With My Hands

I’ve mentioned on Instagram and Snapchat that I’m currently working on my new zine, Quaintrelle, and I could not be more excited. I’m obviously a huge fan of digital media, but to me, there is something so fulfilling about creating things with my hands. I have always been an artistic person, so reigniting that passion in me has been a game changer. I feel a renewed spark that was dormant for so long. And is there not something sacred about holding original content in your hands and not having to read someone else’s comments below it, or see it reposted 78 times? It’s a whole different experience. Not only am I working hard on the first issue of Quaintrelle, but I’m creating a special handmade birthday present I’ll be sending my VIP’s later this week, so make sure you’re on my mailing list so you don’t miss it.


5. Eccentric “Mature” Ladies

I’ve always been in awe of stylish older women who just don’t give a f*ck about what anyone else thinks. Pink hair, wild outfits, and confidence are the uniform of choice for some of my favorite senior style icons. And it’s not just about the clothes. What draws me most to these women is their attitude. They do what they want and they truly don’t care about anyone else’s opinion. I suppose that sort of wisdom builds in you as you get older, but its something I want to continue to acquire sooner rather than later. Here’s one of my favorite babes. You can find more on my Pinterest board or check out the book Advanced Style that I just ordered. Maybe soon these ladies will inspire me to finally take the plunge and get my pink hair, too.




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