20 Ways to Channel Your Inner Champagne Girl

I believe that every woman has an inner “Champagne Girl” deep within her. This is the part of ourselves that is fearless, fabulous, glamorous and inspired. By learning to channel her, you’ll be able to add more effervescence to your life and your career!

Use my 20 tips to channel yours:

  1. Celebrate something every day.

    No matter how big or small. Bonus points if you toast yourself with a gorgeous glass of champagne.

  2. Indulge in something you love at least once a week.

    A pedicure, massage, blow dry, yoga class, etc. You deserve nothing less.

  3. Turn off your phone for one hour each evening.

    We live in a world where we are on high alert at all times. Whether its the ping of a Facebook notification, a text message that you feel requires an immediate response, or emails delivered to our phone, we’re constantly jolted by sounds that need our attention. By giving yourself a “tech-free” hour each night, you’ll feel more at ease and sleep better. Champagne Girls need their beauty sleep!

  4. Make an effort to look your best every single day.

    From the lipstick we choose to the way we accessorize our outfits, our personal style is a reflection of who we are in the world. And when you look good, you feel great.

  5. Fill your home with fresh flowers as often as possible.

    Studies show that the aroma from fresh flowers can calm our anxiety and make us happier. Plus, who doesn’t feel amazing when they walk by a bouquet of pink roses on their desk?

  6. Do something outside of your comfort zone once a month.

    Try a new class at the gym, sign up for a course, volunteer for a local charity. Stretch yourself so you can continually grow and expand. I’m personally about to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw and take at trapeze course on the West Side Highway soon. Join me!

  7. Invest in yourself.

    Do not be cheap with yourself. Invest in whatever you need to grow: courses, a mentor, a vacation, a luxury designer handbag, a killer outfit for job interviews or dinner dates, etc. Note: this doesn’t mean to go on mindless shopping sprees. Choose carefully what matters most to you and treat yourself!

  8. Release what drains you.

    Life is too short to be surrounded by people or situations that do not bring you total joy. If someone is sucking the life out of you and making you feel like garbage, it’s time to say buh-bye!

  9. Travel.

    Open yourself up to new cultures and experiences. There is a big, beautiful world out there waiting for you. Go soak in every drop of it. If you can’t afford to travel right now, immerse yourself in cultures in other ways. Go to a museum, dine out and enjoy a type of food you’ve never tried, etc.

  10. Stop “blind shopping.”

    As fun as it is to spontaneously treat yourself to things, take notice of when you’re “blind shopping.” Spend money on things you will put to good use rather than frivolous impulse buys. Respect the money you work hard for.

  11. Make gratitude a daily practice.

    e thankful for every single thing you have. Even on the bad days. Especially on the bad days.

  12. Treat yourself to gorgeous underwear.

    When you know you’re a wearing soft, delicate bra and underwear, you feel more connected to your feminine essence. And there is major power there.

  13. Help others as often as you can.

    Do not hoard knowledge, opportunities, or connections. When you help others, it comes back to you ten fold. There is enough sparkle to go around!

  14. Meditate.

    Even if you can only devote five minutes a day. Clearing your mind and making the time for yourself is invaluable. If you haven’t read my latest book, pick it up and make sure you read the last chapter. I go into meditation and its benefits and how it can actually unlock the most creative, productive parts of yourself (I couldn’t do half of what I do if I didn’t spend time clearing my head!).

  15. Find your voice.

    Stop biting your tongue and hiding your feelings. You can and should eloquently express yourself as often as you like.

  16. Take a leap of faith.

    Do the thing you’re most afraid of. It’s the thing that will change your life for the better.

  17. Connect.

    There is a huge, fabulous world of women out there just like you. They share your desires, fears, and dreams. Find them and connect with them. Build your tribe.

  18. Create a “glam ritual.”

    Before you go out at night, pour yourself a glass of champagne, make a playlist of your favorite songs, and set up a gorgeous space to do your hair and makeup and get ready.

  19. Wear perfume.

    Find a few signature scents for each season that you absolutely adore. A spritz of perfume adds an instant dose of glamour. Bonus points if you wear it to bed (I do!)

  20. Live inspired.

    Every day is a gift filled with beauty and inspiration. Look for it daily.


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