10 Morning Affirmations to Slay The Day

I’ve been on quite an affirmation kick over the past week or so. I think it’s because I’ve truly had so much going on, and have had to depend on the power of a healthy mind now more than ever to stay focused, optimistic, and filled with energy.

I wanted to share my personal affirmations I use each morning to get up with a sense of gratitude, inner-peace, and serious ambition. I created these myself, and they work. My suggestion is waking up, making a cup of coffee, lighting a candle, and sitting down to spend at least 5-10 minutes with these. Really give yourself a few dedicated minutes to feel these words as you repeat them. You can read them quietly, or say them out loud. There’s no wrong way to do it! Enjoy!

– Today I wake up filled with gratitude and light

– I am so excited about what this day will bring and all the opportunities I am about to create

– I begin my day with clarity, confidence, and faith

– I feel healthy, sexy, strong, and beautiful in my body

– I get to choose the woman I want to be today

– I feel grounded and centered today

– Today I get to give love and spread positivity to those around me. I get to make people’s lives a little better

– I always make the best decisions and I trust my gut because that bitch knows what’s up!

– I am always guided and I know that what is for me will not pass me

– Today is about to be the best day of my life!

That last one came from a woman in her 90’s that I saw in the Advanced Style documentary. I just live for older, wiser women that know how do life!

I hope you ladies have a powerful, magical, kick-ass day. Please feel free to use these affirmations or even better – create your own!

And remember: Your mind is your best asset. Use her wisely! <3

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  • Yolonda J. Washington

    These are great. I actually recite similar ones, especially “what is for me will be for me, it will not pass by me”. Love this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pia

    Wow, I am so inspired right now! You’re so right that affirmations can totally change the vibe of a whole day. Brb, printing these out and sticking them everywhere….

    xx Pia

  • Andrea Jacole

    Just this week I began meditating on positive affirmations after I say my morning prayers. I will include some of these because they are great! I’m a new subscriber and I love your blog. I’ll be reading your books soon as well. Keep rocking girlfriend! Sending positive vibes, love, and light!

  • Andrea Jacole

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  • Elizabeth Resnick

    I like to say my affirmations out loud and write them. Here are some of my current faves: “I am open and ready to receive” “I accomplish everything with joy and ease” (use this one whenever my day seems a little overwhelming) “I expand in abundance, success and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same.” (from The Big Leap) Sometimes I’ll write the same one over and over…on a tough or draining day I might take a few minutes in the afternoon to write them out again.

  • mimi

    Thanks for share your magic!

    Kisses, from Argentina. Im on my way too (and your book is in my bag!)

  • Hillary

    After battling an illness, I have found myself needing mental strength. Thanks for sharing. These mantras and some of my own have literally gotten me through the morning. Peace & light!

  • Nicci

    I love the one with ” I am always guided” Thank you for sharing this Cara! This really reminded me to get back into this again.//N

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